Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Staples

Happy official First Day of SUMMER! It's definitely been WARM here in Texas, but luckily it hasn't hit a 100 degrees, yet. In Texas, the seasons always seem to skip Fall and Spring. It's as if over night it becomes either chilly or extremely hot. With the temperatures slowing rising towards a 100, my daily runs have turned into daily dips in the pool. But with hot weather, comes my favorite season for dressing! I'm currently obsessed with anything floral, bright neon colors, and all shades of blue. Below are my staples for summer!

1. Sandals - Old Navy (No longer available, similar): These sandals were a total steal at just $12! I love the bright orange against the tan. These will definitely help me experiment with mismatching and new outfits!

2. Cat Eye Shades - Maya (Similar): I have been looking for a pair of cat eye shades for longer than I can remember. I tend to think my eyebrows are too high or my nose is doesn't sit proportionately with my eyes, as I have a difficult time finding shades that can actually "cover my eyebrows"(style rule from my madre). As a loyal wearer of oversized shades, I was nervous the cat eye's smaller frames would never work, until I found these. The shades fit perfectly and are currently my everyday shades!

3. Skyline Blue Nail Polish - CVS: I'm probably a nail polish addict, but you can never really have too many, am I right? I have a crazy amount of pink polishes, so this summer I've decided it's all about the blues and greens.

4. Bangle Bracelet - Thrifted: You may recognize this little beauty from here! I'm still obsessed with this bracelet, as it goes with pretty much everything. 

What are your favorite summer staples? I'm off to a baseball tournament this weekend, so I'll definitely be wearing my cat eye shades and lots of sunscreen! Start your summer right and have a lovely weekend!

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