Thursday, August 22, 2013

Feeling Ambitious

Since attending TxSC earlier this month, I've been trying out some new ideas on the blog. While it was an overwhelming weekend, I learned the importance of taking time for your blog and yourself. Since graduating from college in May, I started this blog and started running. I've become fond of both activities, but it's sometimes difficult to juggle the two after coming home from work. By the time I've finished running, showered and eaten dinner, it's 10PM. I already dislike the feeling of being rushed, so the idea of writing a new post just to get it done really bothers me. It's not fair to you(as a reader) or me if I end up writing a bunch of fluff for a new post. Like I wrote in my first post, I started this blog in hopes of making you smile, laugh or find some inspiration.  The whole time balance can be a challenge, but I'm slowly finding what works for me.
August has been an exciting month overall and I'm definitely I might be feeling a bit too ambitious here, but I've decided to challenge myself for the last 9 days of the month. I'd like to set two short goals, one for running and the other for blogging. I love setting goals almost as much as writing lists, but I should probably take caution when the goals start becoming longer than my to-do lists, huh? I'm excited to challenge myself with these short goals and hope to report some positive news on September 1st!

Running: I recently heard about a running challenge that consists of 100 miles in 2 months. I started running in late May, however I switched over to the Nike+ Running App at the end of June. I'm currently at 74.52 miles, and would love to hit 100 mile mark! I did take off a week in July and the week of TxSc, so even if I hit 95, I'd be a happy camper! As long as the weather stays below 100 degrees, it looks like I'll be running a couple of longer distance runs the next few days!

Blogging: Today marks 9 posts this month, the most I've written in the past two months! While it's better than before, I'd like to challenge myself to write a total of 12! After this post, I only have 3 to go. Using "only" lightly of course, but I do think it's manageable, especially when I've got some ideas already ;)

How do you find balance between blogging and other activities? Do you enjoy setting goals and or writing to-do lists? How do you reward yourself for accomplishing those goals or checking off those to-do items? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hey girly! I like to blog during lunch. I realized I'm more inspired to post in the mornings and it also gives me something to be excited about posting later in the day! Right now I'm working on my blog redesign.. so the faster I get it done, the faster I can launch!

    1. That must be super exciting! Make sure to leave your link when it's complete, I'd love to see your blog! :)


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