Friday, August 30, 2013

Polka Dot Jeans

With Fall coming around, I've decided it's about time I grow my jean/pants collection. Black and blue are definite staples in my closet, but I'd really like to try some colored skinnies...and maybe even printed pants? It's a thought. My latest find includes these lovely polka dot jeans. As I mentioned HERE, I can't get enough of polka dots. So you can probably imagine my face when I found these jeans on the clearance rack, that's right. I checked the tags, price: amazing, size: mine, style: ankle skinnies, SCORE! (For all the short girls out there, ankle skinnies are key to finding the perfect length for our short legs) The moment I tried them on, I was sold!
Jeans: Target || Top: Pacsun(Similar) || Sandals: Forever 21(Similar) || Earrings: c/o Ruche
Now it's still too hot to be wearing jeans in Texas, but these are a great transition piece for summer to fall and I also wanted to wear them right away. Keeping it simple, I styled the pants with my white peplum top, some earrings from TxSC and my favorite white sandals. I went back to the basics with the white top and blue jeans, yet kept it modern with the trendy peplum top and polka dot jeans. Also taking advantage of the last few days I can wear white. Thanks to my mother, I'm a stickler on no wearing white after Labor Day.
Now I know this last photo has different lighting and setting, but I'd like to point out this was my first self-photography picture. Thanks to Kristina, I finally invested in an octopus tripod for my iTouch! I'm still figuring out the tricks to getting a good photo, but this was one of my favorites and also the least blurry, even though the lighting was much darker. I'd also like to take a moment and thank my little brother for taking the rest of the pictures. We've made a deal: if he helps me with taking photos, he can play games on my iTouch. Simple, yet effective ;) Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Make sure to eat lots of delicious food, shop those crazy sales, and maybe even take a dip in the pool one last time!


  1. These jeans are great! Finding jeans that are the right length for us short girls is challenging, period. You majorly scored with these! I love that you worked a deal with your little brother :). So fun! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. i know we're supposed to be talking about your fab polka dot pants, but i'm dying over that white peplum! i spent ALL summer looking for a white peplum in a soft, summery material and 100% failed. yours is so pretty and fits so well--my main issue finding one.

    it definitely takes a while to figure out the whole iphone/touch + tripod thing. i have one of those bendy tripods too and i've started using a tall bar stool from target as the rest of the stand. i don't know much about iTouches, but i think you can download apps? the camera+ app has a timer on it that helps sooo much!

    good luck with the photos! and i can't wait to see how else you style the peplum (and polka dot jeans, of course)!

    xo nicole

  3. I'm with nicole, I lovelovelove that peplum top! It's so pretty and girly!

    <3 danielle

  4. Thanks, I'm so happy I found them!

  5. Thanks so much, Nicole!! It was definitely one of my favorite tops this summer. But I have to say, you did a fantastic job with that black peplum from a earlier this month!

    The bar stool is a great idea! The iTouch is pretty much an iPhone, minus the phone part! I started using Timer Cam first, but I'll definitely look into camera+ for next time. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Thanks Danielle, it's my favorite peplum top!

  7. I love this! I actually found you on Pinterest when I searched for polka-dot jeans, and used your outfit as inspiration for my latest blog post:

    Super cute blog, I'll definitely be reading more!

  8. So glad you were inspired! :)


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