Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Best Weekend EVER - TxSC: Part 2

Hope you liked the first recap from TxSC! I had such a blast writing it, but like the conference, it was a little long and more overwhelming than expected. While I could have combined the two posts together, it's a lot to read in one sitting, no? Plus it kinda leaves you hanging and wanting more, enjoy!

TxSC thoughts on:
Business cards from MOO!
Friendly Introvert: Yes, I did already make mention of myself making new friends, but I'm so proud of myself, and I think it deserves its own little blurb. I'm usually the one in the corner, wishing I was outgoing enough to go and join a conversation. I knew this conference was going to be full of big and small bloggers, but I also knew I needed to take advantage of this opportunity. Not only did I introduce myself to some of my favorite bloggers, but I introduced myself every time I took a seat. It's not always easy, but I did it! Plus I found another excuse to hand out my business cards - hello networking!

Prom Outfit
Prom: I was a big fan of high school and an even bigger fan of college, but some of my best memories were at Prom. I know it's cliche and corny, but I loved the idea of wearing a beautiful dress and getting dolled up for one night, especially when I never wore makeup or fancy clothes. Ask me to attend Prom AGAIN and with bloggers, yes please! Aside from the weird transitions in music, the prom party was a total blast. Grease played on the screen in the background, freebies were everywhere, dancing and waving my hands like I just didn't care, lots of balloons, root-beer floats and joking with Megan(Greetings from Texas) and Danny Silianoff are just a few highlights from the night.

Sponsors: I'm SO grateful for all the amazing sponsors at TxSC. I probably ate more KIND bars than necessary, but they were perfect for when you had workshop after workshop. I also drank some lots of Honest Tea and even tried the organic root-beer, yum! To all the style sponsors, such as Lulu's(top), Ruche(earrings), Savers, Luxe(scarf), Minnetonka, Macy's and others, thanks for all the stylish freebies!
Goals: So before I attended the conference, I set some goals for myself. I feel that I accomplished my goals of stepping out of my comfort zone and taking advantage of every opportunity. I was able to network with various speakers, brands, and other bloggers. I made sure to take lots of notes and for future post and new ideas for design. I even went with my planned outfits for Friday and Saturday, however, on Sunday I planned my outfit with new earrings and top courtesy of Ruche and Lulu's with some comfortable shorts and sandals. While I had set some goals before the conference, I've been working on a new list of blog goals recently. I've never felt more inspired or learned so much in just one weekend, so now's the time to put this knowledge to work!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
P.S. If you're in Texas, it's time for some Tax-free shopping!

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  1. Fun review...I think eating Kind bars all day was the only way I survived. lol I'm so thankful for them. Oh gosh I'm so looking forward to the future. Can't wait to put some of those thoughts into action.

    xo erica


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