Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best Weekend EVER - TxSC Recap

So it took a little longer than expected, but here it is: part one of my recap from the BEST WEEKEND EVER! TxSC was definitely the highlight of my summer and worth every penny. I met so many talented women and am truly in awe of everything they have accomplished. Whether a brand/business rep, blogger or attendee, these women all had amazing stories and I'm so lucky to have had the chance to meet them. In order to best present my weekend, I compiled a bunch of words that came to mind and decided to write a little something about each of them! To prevent an overload of content, I've broken it down my recap into two posts.

TxSC thoughts on:

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess
Inspiration: After attending a bunch of different workshops, I feel so inspired by EVERYTHING. And I literally mean it. Everything I see, whether that's a picture online, a piece of clothing in my laundry basket, or a passage from a book has inspired me for some great upcoming posts! I'm so excited to try some new things. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess(as if they need an introduction), gave some great tips for blogging and this one definitely stuck with me, "Just try it out". I'm still new to blogging, but I'm figuring it out as a I go and that includes trying different types of posts. I might not have 100 followers or a bunch of comments, but I enjoy what I write and that's what matters most.

Mia Moore from
New Frienships: Making friends has never been easy for an introvert like myself.  And at this point in my life, I've realized I have to start over. The majority of my close friends live in the Pennsylvania area, so it's time for a change. With the conference, I had the chance to meet women who were ALL interested in the same thing. Even if we blogged about different things, we could all relate since we know the work and time that goes into blogging. I was lucky enough to make friends with both bloggers I follow and bloggers new to me I'll be honest, it was pretty intimidating meeting some of the bloggers I follow. I was pretty nervous at first, but they were all so genuine and real. Really hoping to keep in touch with these awesome gals!

Eria and I - Style Swap (Peter Tung Photography)
Style: All I can say is everyone was beautiful! While it's a style/blogger conference, everyone rocked their outfits. I remember saying I was second guessing the outfits I chose, but in the end, I loved what I wore. It may have not been the latest trends or , but it was my personal style and I felt 100% me. It was inspiring to see so many women take style risks and just own it! Personal style is unique and these ladies proved it!

Megan and I
Fangirl: There were plenty of fangirl moments this weekend. I got to meet Kirsten of Triple Max Tons(first blog I ever followed, plus she's an Austinite), Megan of Greetings from Texas(funniest blogger I follow), Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky(best hair/style blogger I follow), Nicole of writes like a girl(most inspiring blogger I follow and a Native Austinite like me!), Meg of Everyday Meg(most creative blogger I follow and super sweet),  Toyosi of Standard T(most impressive blogger I follow and she's only in HS!), and Erica(we're pretty much besties now) of Sea of Blooming Dreams! Like I mentioned before, it was pretty intimidating introducing myself to these awesome bloggers, but they're all so fun!

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my TxSC Recap, look out for part 2 later this week! :)

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