Monday, September 23, 2013


Beautiful view from the Cathedral in Cadiz, España!
It's been a while since I traveled. Far too long in my opinion. Somewhere new at least. Around this time last year, I would have flown back to Philadelphia for college and taken a trip to the Jersey Shore for Labor Day weekend. Now I hated the packing, finding rides to the airport, and ridiculously long flight delays, but finally getting to my destination was the best part. Also an accomplishment when you count my fair share of not so fun airport adventures.

Whether it's by plane, train or car, I love traveling. The idea of traveling somewhere new is exciting. Every place has its own culture, local restaurants and shops, and unique festivals or events. Even if you're traveling to a place you've been several times before, there is always more to explore!

Over the past few years I've been fortunate enough to travel parts of Europe, the East and West coast, and other parts of the the US. I've loved every second of visiting these places and have been yearning for a new adventure recently. I'm ready to pack my bags and travel! Don't care if it's for a day, the weekend or a week, as long as it's somewhere new. Now don't get me wrong, I will always love Austin, but it's nice to get away for a while, wouldn't you agree?
Shades of Blue in Chefchaouen, Morocco
Have you traveled to any fun places lately? Planning a trip somewhere new? Are you feeling some wanderlust too? Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I'm itching like crazy to travel. It may be the pregnancy and the fact that I'm not traveling for that very reason. I can't wait for our baby to be here though and to get a little older because we will go go go. I hope :). I definitely don't plan on being one of those moms who doesn't travel because she has kids. I look forward to introducing them to the world. These pics are so dreamy. I'd love to go somewhere I've never been and saturate myself in another culture!

  2. Thanks Christina! Sounds like your kids will be well traveled and have lots of fun adventures growing up :)


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