Thursday, November 14, 2013


oh, gosh
For those who read yesterday's post, you heard about my recent lack of inspiration. I explained how diving back into my favorite activities is a huge help and gets my creativity going. And while I completely agree with what I said, something happened recently and brought me back to when I started this blog - I blushed.

Out of embarrassment of course, but the timing couldn't have been worse. Not going into details, but whether I trip at the store, run into someone, or daydream while waiting in line - take your pick - I get embarrassed pretty easily. I'll try to save face, but before I know it, I look like a tomato. Take that back, I do know it, trust me I do. My face gets all warm and I begin to wish my skin wasn't so fair or my hair wasn't so dark so that maybe it'd all blend in together, if that even makes sense. The thing is, I just can't stop it. Eventually it fades, but boy is it annoying.

While I don't enjoy turning red everywhere I go, it's part of who I am and half the name behind my blog. In the moment I'm always frustrated, but it's something to laugh about later. Do you find yourself blushing often? Happy Thursday, lovelies!


  1. That is the cutest! I didn't know that was what your blog name meant. I grew up super shy and blushed all the time. Sometimes still!

  2. Thanks! I think it's just a big part of being shy :)


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