Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I know it's only November, but this holiday is usually a time for me to reflect on the big moments of the year, the new friendships I made and my blessings. By the time New Years Eve comes around, we usually forget about the previous year and start looking at the year ahead. For me personally, this year has been both eye-opening and empowering. I've made some bigger life decisions and started a new chapter of my life. I'm so thankful for the support from my family and friends. I'm even more thankful for the chance to spend this special day with my family. I never had the chance to fly home for Thanksgiving during college. I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with my friends' families, but it's a nice feeling to really be home, you know?

Hope you're having a relaxing day with family and loved ones! Make sure to thank the cooks before you fill up on the deliciousness; it is Thanksgiving after all. Plus, that turkey takes forever to make. Like I said yesterday, I'm sticking with a chicken or some seafood in the future, but to each its' own. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Are you cooking any special recipes this year? If you need a last minute recipe, check out my Pumpkin Banana Bread! It's easy to make and extremely delicious ;)

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