Friday, November 15, 2013

November Wishlist

November Wishlist
Sweater || Skirt || Necklace || Socks || BB Cream || Shampoo & Conditioner
It's official. Yesterday I made my first payment towards my student loans. Goodbye extra splurges, lunch runs to Chipotle, and all those window shopping trips turned real. As I mentioned earlier this month, I've been dropping in the local thrift stores more often and my goodness, I've found some great finds. For all you Austinites wondering where to go, I highly recommend Thrift Town. Not only do they have tons of coupons, they also have 50% off a special colored tag everyday! Within the last month, I bought a blazer for less than $3, a wool scarf for $2, and a leather purse for $8. The number of times I drop by each week is  embarrassing, especially since the employees recognize me now. But you gotta make friends everywhere you go, am I right?

To prevent any splurges, I'm sticking to the basics this month. I can't get enough of the sweater and floral skirt combo, if it's not already evident on my style board. At this rate, I should probably devote a whole board to this outfit, but I digress. It's everything I want in an outfit: simple, comfy and girly. I know there's more products on my wishlist than usual, but this month is that time when I start running low on most of my toiletries. It's no fun running out of stuff, but I so look forward to trying new products! Toothpaste or face wash, it's the little things in life.

Sweater: I've come to realize I own zero cable knit sweaters. I don't know how this is, seeing as how I lived in PA for the past 4 years, but it's about time I get one. I have some simple sweaters, but I love the knit look of this sweater - plus I'll keep extra warm!

Skirt: When I think floral print, spring and summer usually come to mind. Wearing floral prints into fall and winter can be tricky if the colors aren't right, but this skirt's color scheme says hello winter to me. To be honest, I've been wearing my summer floral skirt, but the colors are dark enough to work with my sweater and booties. If the temps drop some more, I'll definitely be adding some fun colored tights!

Necklace: With all the focus on layering this season, I've been neglecting my jewelry. I've got plenty of earrings and bracelets, but necklaces are scarce in my jewelry box. I think statement necklaces are lovely and all, but I love a simple chain like this, it's simple and won't take away from the rest of your outfit

Socks: Another one of those things I never owned in PA: knee high socks. I owned plenty of mid-calf socks to wear with my boots, but they weren't even close to showing. While browsing through Pinterest, I've found so many looks for knee high socks and decided it was time to invest. In case you're looking too, T.J.Maxx has a plethora to choose from, and all for a great deal. I bought a 3 pack for less than $10 and now I've got some pretty colors and patterns to work with!

BB Cream: As I've mentioned before, makeup isn't necessarily my forte. I never almost never leave the house without moisturizer and some lipgloss, but that's it folks. I know it's a year later, but I finally learned the use of BB creams. Seeing as how it moisturizes and covers blemishes all at the same time, I think it'd be a wise purchase. The only question, which one to get? I'm leaning towards the Garnier version, but let me know what you think!

Shampoo & Conditioner: I've written about my hair enough times, so you get the picture. I've been using the same Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for about 4 years now(it smells amazing, but probably too long, right?), but with all the dry weather in Texas, my hair needs a bit more TLC. After watching Lea Michele in a commercial for L'oreal Total Repair's hair collection, I was convinced this was the answer to all my hair problems. If Lea says it works, it has to, right? I've only used it once so far, but it sure makes my hair soft and shiny!

What are you coveting this month? Got any advice for BB Creams? Stay warm and have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. That skirt is perfect for fall/winter! I've also been huntin' for some more socks to wear instead of, or over tights.


  2. Love BB creams - we are a makeup minimalist on most days too!


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