Friday, December 13, 2013

A Very Merry Playlist

Another Friday has come and we still don't have a Christmas tree! Till tomorrow. But really, it's actually scheduled. So excited! With this week passing, it also means we're that much closer to Christmas. My holiday spirit keeps rising with all the lights and decorations over town, but the music is always my favorite! At this point, I have 4 different Christmas music stations on Pandora, and sadly they're all starting to sound the same. I might have a slight problem when it comes to clicking the "thumbs up". It's not just me, right?

To listen to my top favorites in one place, I created my very first Spotify playlist! I've included everything from Bing Crosby's classic White Christmas to Justin Bieber's Mistletoe, don't judge. While I might not have the best taste in music, these are all Christmas songs. Every song is wonderful, am I right? Which tune is your favorite? Do you prefer a certain song by a certain artist? I'm obsessed with Last Christmas, so I have about 10 different versions on my iPod. #noshame Hope you enjoy my holiday playlist and enjoy the weekend!

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