Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Link Love

The weekend is finally here! Thankfully the weather is cooling down, except that it dropped 40 degrees yesterday! I headed out to First Thursday at SoCo last night, but boy was it freezing. If anything, the cold weather meant shorter lines. It also meant I could try a new restaurant, without the hour wait! It may have been quieter than previous months, but I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some elves and reindeer riding in the back of truck along SoCo! That's first thursday for ya, holiday style. Perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, especially with the weekend ahead. Fingers crossed we'll buy a tree, decorate the house, visit the Trail of Lights, and my favorite, watch the Living Nativity! Did I mention they have a free petting zoo after the show? I just want to hold a rabbit!

I know how much I ramble on about rabbits, but you must check out The Daily Bunny. These furry creatures melt my heart in every pic. Just look at this one!

Are you a procrastinator? I'm still struggling with the issue myself, even after college. This post nails it right on the head, it's not even funny.

We all know how violent the animal world can be, but this video helps restore our faith among the more dangerous mammals. It's truly amazing.

Looking to add more more sparkle to your 'do? Check out Triple Max Tons' DIY for some glittery bobby pins! Lovely, aren't they?

I still haven't convinced myself to splurge on a pair of new boots, but then I found this gorgeous pair. Real leather, less than $100, over the knee, and free shipping - I think it might be fate.

You may have heard of Julie from Girl Meets Glam, but have you heard of her sister, Lauren Taylor? She's got an Etsy shop with the prettiest print I've ever seen! Can someone please find me that dress?

Happy Friday, darlings!


  1. Report back on those boots, they're adorable...

  2. Thanks for the shout, doll! Glad you enjoyed the DIY. :) Great link round-up too!

  3. I decided to wait and got an extra 25% off when I ordered them today! Can't wait to wear them!

  4. Thanks! Can't wait to try it out for New Years :)


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