Thursday, January 16, 2014

Preserving Imagination Amidst Technology

It's official, we're living in a tech world. Our daily activities are filled with a variety of devices. Whether you're texting a friend to meet up for lunch or checking the weather on your phone, we're constantly glued to computers. It's hard to complain when our lives have been made simpler, but it's also important to remember life before the technology. Life was simple then too, it just included some extra work and a little imagination.

I wanted to share this TEDx Talk for a couple of reasons:

The first reason is that I completely agree with Dan. I've shared it in the past, but I'm a hopeless romantic. In my opinion, technology takes the romance out of dating. I'd rather receive snail mail over a quick text any day. When we use our imagination, a small gesture goes a long way.

The second reason being I know the speaker. I was fortunate to spend a week with Dan and an amazing group of friends during a mission trip in college. He worked as our advisor to help out if something went wrong and to be our source of encouragement and support when the going got tough. He's a smart fellow and I'm proud to see him giving this presentation.

The third reason is that the presentation took place at my Alma Mater, Villanova University. Go Wildcats! But seriously, have you been watching any college basketball lately? We're off to a wonderful start this season if I do say so myself!

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Dan's presentation really reminded me about the importance of our imagination. Breaking away from technology for a little while won't hurt anyone. During our mission trip, each of us turned off our cellphones and left them behind for the week. Did I miss my phone? Not at all. We spent the week bonding through service, reflection and games. It was a treat not having to respond to emails and messages! I highly recommend turning off your phone for just a day. It's a liberating feeling when you can ignore the social world for a little while. Have you done this before? Let me know if you try it out. I'd love to hear your responses!

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