Friday, February 21, 2014

A Personal Gift

If you haven't noticed yet, my hair has become a reoccurring theme here on the blog. It took a long time before I felt comfortable in my hair. To this day I still have my moments, better known as "bad hair days". Growing up, I believed that my "hair" defined my beauty. For a girl who wore no makeup and knew nothing of fashion, I was convinced my hair could make all the difference. Looking back now, I realize how naive I was. It's me who defines my beauty: my words, my thoughts, my values and the confidence I walk with. I realize now, I'm blessed to have a head full of hair - no matter the color, texture, or length. And so at the end of last summer, I decided it was time to grow out my hair a little longer for Locks of Love.

After the cut
As usual, it was a hot summer here in Austin. I was sporting braids and buns on the daily. Anything to keep my hair long and my neck cool, am I right? When the polar vortex hit, it was hair down and warm scarves everyday. I was fortunate for the extra layer of warmth beneath my scarf. As the weeks went on, my hair continued to grow little by little. During the holidays, I started researching donation requirements, austin hair stylists, and shorter hairstyles. I was aiming to donate in early March, but after the 1837594th pin of short hair, I decided it was all or nothing.

After working on President's day, I drove straight to Bird's Barbershop(a must for all you Austinites!) and chopped of 14 inches. As I sat in the chair, I waited anxiously. Was I crazy? Could I really pull this off? Would I miss the length? Two pairs of scissors and a razor later, it was gone. And you know what? It was liberating and a serious eyeopener.

12 inches sent to Locks of Love
In the past I may have donated clothing, given blood, or contributed to charity; but nothing felt as real or personal until this moment. I may have selfishly complained about my hair growing up, but I was fortunate to be healthy. I can't imagine the idea of losing my hair to alopecia or cancer. Still, it happens to children and adults everyday. Thanks to Locks of Love, children are given an extra boost of confidence with each wig. From what we take for granted, these kids are given a second chance.

Donating to Locks of Love is an incredible gift and I highly recommend it. Depending on your hair type, I know it can take a while to grow out, but it's worth it. Stay strong and remember why you made the decision. And if you're like me and have never had short hair before, maybe it's time for a change? You'll never know until you try it out. So take a chance, call your stylist and set up an appointment ladies! It's the perfect time if you need a cut for summer ;) Happy Friday!


  1. Mel, I love this! What did you think of Birds? They're def my go-to in town now. So proud of you- you look great!

  2. Amazing! That's awesome. Such a great gift you're giving!


  3. I have always wanted to donate to locks of love and have never been able to get my hair long enough to meet the requirement and have enough leftover to be comfortable with the length. Part of that is probably selfishness though, because I just decide I have to cut now instead of growing out a little longer! Definitely a wonderful cause, and I'm so glad you did it. You look great!


  4. Really sweet of you to donate your locks - going to make someone going through a rough time much more confident and happier!

  5. Love the haircut, you look beautiful! AND it was for a good cause. That's called winning.

  6. Thanks Sharon! I loved it, plus my stylist was amazing.

  7. Thanks Jen! It's not an easy decision, but it's completely worth it. I had the exact same concern, that's part of why I waited so long. But I actually ended up going shorter than I planned. I recommend sticking with trims, and then when you're ready, go for it!

  8. Thanks so much Chrystina! :)

  9. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of hair! A few years ago, my hair was as long as it is now and I cut off 11 inches in order to donate it. My mom who passed away a few months before had asked that if I ever cut off my hair to donate it because she thought it was so beautiful. I totally cried when they cut it off! Long hair feels safe to me but cutting it off was magical! It was super healthy, easy to care for, easy to style and more grown up I thought. Good for you for donating 13 inches! Your hair looks adorable by the way!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Exploring My Style

  10. Thanks! It really is a big change. I totally understand the safety feeling with having long hair. Your hair is sooo long and pretty, you should do it again!


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