Monday, March 31, 2014

The Power of a Question

I've written about my love for music a couple of times, but up until now, I've failed to mention my obsession with concerts. You see, a concert is more than just a live show. It's a chance to see your favorite artist in person, watch them sing live, and gather with other crazy fans to sing every lyric and dance like a fool BeyoncĂ© or  [insert favorite artist here]. I'm on an absolute high, every time. And this weekend was no exception. I had the chance to attend the first ever iHeartRadio country music festival!

Wearing my new favorite maxi from Langford Market - more pics later!
iHeartRadio has hosted some incredible music festivals the past couple years, but sadly I never won tickets. It's tough, especially when you're texting along with the rest of the nation. So you can imagine my excitement when iHeartRadio announced the first country music festival was being held in the music capital of the world. After building a love for country music in the past year, here was my chance to see these artists live and all in one show! Like many fans, I tried to purchase tickets, but it sold out. Alas, I spent the next several weeks texting for a chance to win tickets and got nowhere.

With one week to go, the radio played country music festival commercials non-stop. Then two days before the show, I heard a new commercial with the news that tickets were still available for Austinites only. After weeks of coming to terms with the fact I wasn't going, I couldn't believe it. I searched for the best seats I could find, but everything was ridiculously expensive or had a terrible view. I waited in hopes that someone would sell their tickets for less, but it was just the opposite. In a final moment of desperation, I drove to the box office in hopes of buying tickets, but the seats were terrible and out of my price range. I sat in my car thinking it through, but I couldn't justify the purchase. As I turned around to back out of the parking space, a country radio station truck pulled up beside me. I stopped the car and call me a creeper, but I watched a woman step out of the truck and walk up to the box office to ask for her tickets. She was standing around waiting for the tickets when I decided to take a leap of faith. I walked up and asked if the station was giving away anymore tickets. She said the contests were over, but that she'd be glad to give me a couple tickets. My stomach dropped. She mentioned that they were all single seats and probably terrible seats, but at least I'd be there for the show. At this point, all I could do was agree. A couple moments later, they brought out her tickets. She pulled out the tickets and said enjoy the show! All I can say is I was at the right place at the right time, literally.

So close to the stage!
Saturday night, I saw the best concert of my life. It was a dream come true, y'all. Best of all, I went with the biggest country music fan I know, my brother. We danced like fools, sang every lyric to every song, and I screamed like a teenager - it was perfect. It didn't hurt that we actually had the best seats, two rows up from the floor. Things happen for a reason, and luckily it all worked out in the end. I still can't believe it, but that's a night I'll never forget.

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith. I may be quiet and shy, but asking a question goes a long way. The worst answer you'll receive is no, and that's kinda where you started, am I right? When in doubt, ask a question, you never know what will happen. So here's to the beginning of a new week and the end of a long month. Happy Monday, fellow dreamers!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Link Loving

I can't believe it's Friday already. Don't know about you, but it feels like this week flew by. Work has been crazy busy and my 10K training is in full effect with just 9 days to go. Think yoga, work, run, eat, sleep, repeat - this is my life right now. But instead of being worried about the race, I'm finally excited to take it on, no matter what. In the mean time, I'm sharing some fun links for all you fellow dreamers!

Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowl: In an attempt to make multiple lunches at once, I found this delicious recipe! It's healthy, absolutely delicious, and makes 4 servings. That's right, not 2, not 1, but 4! Sounds silly, but it sure goes a long way. Highly recommend this recipe to all of you, especially the vegetarians! I usually love chicken in my burrito bowl, but this recipe was excellent without it.

Anthropologie Dress:  Remember the booties of my dreams? It all started with a pin on Anthropologie's board. I don't remember when I followed them, but it's getting bad, y'all. I'm clicking every pin to check the price and details of each piece. EVERY pin. In order to prevent overspending, I'm thinking I should unfollow them soon. I'll just drool over this dress for now, okay?

Automatic Music Video: I may be a country music fan, but I've never been much of a Miranda Lambert fan. After hearing this song on the radio, I assumed it was Kacey Musgraves or some other female country singer. I have to give it her though, this song is amazing. I'm all about the simplicity of cellphones, but I still appreciate the little things before life became so automatic.

Combat Boots Inspiration: So I have a mini problem with wearing my combat boots - more on that soon. Long story short, I'm convinced none of my clothes work with them. That is, until I found this wonderful post. Thank you AWS. Here's to trying new styles!

Bedtime Yoga: Guess who's become a Yogi? Okay okay, not a serious yogi yet, but I'm doing YouTube videos! Counts for something right? With running, comes a lot of stretching. The only thing is, I can barely touch my toes without bending my knees. Starting small, I found this relaxing bedtime yoga video with Tara Stiles. It's only 3 minutes, but I sleep like a baby every time. Try it out tonight!

Spring Nail Polish: You may or may not have noticed my nail polish addition yet, but it's getting real now. Spring is here and that means pastels, bright neon's, and pink pink pink! As if I don't already have enough colors, here's a list of the perfect colors for Spring 2014.

April Fool's Jokes: I know it's still March, but April Fool's is just days away and you need to be prepared. Coming up with jokes the day of, just isn't the same. And while this list may be targeted to the younger crowd, I'm sure you could trick anyone with number 17, am I right?

Jimmy Kimmel asks Kids: Cosby was right about kids saying the darnest things, but what happens when you ask them about "naughty words"? Sit back and enjoy some laughs while these kidos tell you every bad word they know.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Any fun links you've found this week? Any plans for the weekend ahead? Luckily the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, so fingers crossed for some outfit photo shoots and nice practice runs. Once the 10K is complete, I'm hoping to devote more time to writing again - so watch out April, here I come! Enjoy the weekend :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Stylish Surprise with ModCloth!

Today is one of my favorite days! Modcloth is having their "A Stylish Surprise" sale! Pick your size, pay only $10, and receive a stylish item in the mail! I'll admit it's a risk, but I'll take my chances after last year's jackpot. I received the. most. beautiful. coat I'd ever seen - worth much more than $10! I plan to wear it every winter, no joke. With this year's polar vortex, I wore it multiple times. I'm sad I never got a picture in it, but maybe next year? And trust me, even though it was more of a winter item, this coat was worth every penny!

This year I was super adventurous and ordered three items! That's right, not one but three. Chances are I'll have to like at least one out of the three, right? I'm soooo excited and nervous, but that's the fun of it, right? #ilovesurprises If you're willing to take a chance, hurry up and head on over to ModCloth and order your very own Stylish Surprise! I'll be sure to share my review of this year's surprise items, so check back soon! Have a fabulous weekend :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"No Longer a Vain Fool"

Happy first day of spring, y'all! Today I wanted to share a special video, passed along by my dear friend Anna-Alizette of Girl With the Wind. It's another TEDx talk, I know, but it's such an empowering presentation and only 15 minutes! You might even learn a thing or two. So check it out and let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.  Hope you're staying warm and free from the rain/snow on this early spring day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Lucky Gal

Dress: Forever 21 || Tights: Walmart? || Boots: Steve Madden || Jewelry: Forever 21
Happy St. Patrick's day, lovelies! Hope you're all dressed up in green today, if not, watch out for those pinches. Growing up, this was never an issue for me. My wonderful madre was born on St. Patrick's day and wouldn't let me forget without a pinch. Like most St. Patrick's day babies, my mom was named Pat(tricia). Fun Fact: Had she not been born on St. Patrick's day, her name would have been Melissa! And that's the story behind my name. ;)

For today, I linked up with Sharon of Paraparasailing! What's a better way to celebrate the holiday than with a St. Patty's Day inspired outfit? After pining through our closets for that special green item, we gave into a shopping trip instead. While we didn't end up with that single colored emerald green item, we each picked a dress versatile and perfect for the spring/summer. The funny part - we both happened to be sporting combat boots! Since purchasing my first pair early January, I may have worn them 3 times. So for this outfit, I decided to take a chance and wear the boots before I bought my outfit. Sometimes you just need to step outside the comfort zone, am I right? While I wouldn't normally pair these boots with this type of dress, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the final look! And just look at Sharon's tropical dress with those boots - so cute!

Are you wearing something green today? Have any special traditions for St. Patrick's Day? Anyone feeling extra lucky? I must say, I'm a lucky gal for being blessed with such a beautiful and kindhearted mom. Best of all, I'm back in Austin to celebrate this special day with her! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Photo Credit: Sharon and her awesome phone!

Friday, March 14, 2014

March Wishlist

Happy Friday, y'all! Sorry for the silent treatment, but this week has been insane to say the least. As much as I love my job downtown, the SXSW traffic has really put a damper on my evenings this week.  I can't even tell you how glad I am that it's finally Friday. But you know what would make it even better? A weekend full of sunshine! I'm so tired of the clouds and drizzle. Fingers crossed those weather people are wrong and the sun makes an appearance this weekend. Until then I'll be drooling over this month's wishlist in hopes that Spring comes sooner than later - am I right?

Hat: I know I said I wasn't a hat person and that this is the second month in a row I post a hat, but I'm loving the short hair and hat look. My wool hat is lovely, but this straw fedora is perfect for the summer. Plus, it'll save our pretty faces from the sun.

Sunglasses: I think I found them, y'all! These sunnies will be the newest addition to my sunglasses collection. I love everything about them - the color, shape and style. It doesn't get better than that.

Purse: I love my little cross body bag, but it's becoming more and more difficult to fit everything in at once. I've decided it's time to move up a purse size and find a bag with actual compartments, I'm a working girl after all. Not only does this bag fit my bag checklist, it has both a handle and a strap - the best of both worlds!

Crop Top: I know these shirts were popular last summer, but I could never get myself to buy one. After browsing through Pinterest, I've found some new ways to pair this summer staple. There's so many types, but I can't get over the chic design on this top. Doesn't it look super comfortable?

Midi Skirt: They're everywhere I tell you - on Pinterest at least. I love the bold colors matched with stripes and fun designs. These big skirts add the perfect feminine touch to any outfit and works on any shape or size. This skirt isn't quite as full, but I love the bold pink against the black and white!

Sandals: I have a serious shopping problem when it comes to shoes. I've finally convinced myself that investing in quality shoes is important, and it totally is, except when I'm investing in multiple shoes of the same kind. As of now, I've got my eye on these, these and now these. After last month's splurge on the booties of my dreams, I'm having a hard time justifying these. *Just one pair Melissa, one pair.*

What are your March wishlists looking like? Invested in any spring pieces yet? Happy weekend, lovelies! It's looking like another weekend full of baseball for me! I've got a UT game, bird watching with friends, and my little brother's tournament. Did I mention I love baseball? What are your plans?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TOMS Gets Groovy

TOMS & Jonathan Adler Collection

Whether or not you're a fan of TOMS shoes, it's hard to deny Jonathan Adler's new collection for TOMS. These are the brightest shoes I've seen yet! As if they're not already comfortable enough, these closed toe shoes just got cuter with the bright colors and fun design. I don't know about you, but finding closed toe shoes is never fun. I always end up with boring bulky shoes. In the past, I could always count on my classic red TOMS. Out hiking, walking to class, or even the beach! Needless to say, they're quite durable - but it's been a while and I need could use a new pair.

In the past couple years since I purchased my first pair of TOMS, new styles have been added. Lots! Wedges, booties, sandals, etc. When I first saw those ankle strap sandals from Jonathan Adler, I think my heart may have skipped a beat. Seriously, who knew the geometric print would look so good when color blocked? I want them in my shoe closet now!

Have you checked out the new collection yet? Which ones are your favorite? Those grey zig zag classics would go with everything. But really, any of these shoes would be the perfect addition to a simple summer outfit, am I right? Happy hump day, y'all!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sour, then Sweet.

Golden spring outfit
Romper || Earrings || Bracelet || Lip Balm || Sandals 
You've probably heard this line a bunch, it's the slogan to my favorite candy, Sourpatch kids. I may be picky, but when you put sour and sweet together, this girl is one happy camper. It doesn't get much better than that in my book. So you can imagine my excitement when I tasted a kumquat for the first time many years ago. If you're wondering what they are, you're not alone. Turns out half the workers at the grocery store don't know either. In short, they're a small orange fruit with a sweet skin and sour inside, but Wikipedia can give you the whole low down here.

If you're following my Instagram, you may have noticed the lovely picture of kumquats I picked up last week. They're back in season, y'all! I shamelessly filled my bag until the fruit basket was almost empty and may or may not have gone back the next day for more. It was the perfect snack this weekend, that is until the polar vortex returned Sunday evening. It seems one appearance isn't enough. Until Spring decides to come and stay, I'll continue daydreaming of the perfect spring outfits and all those bright colors - including the kumquat colored orange.

Have you ever tried a kumquat? If you like sourpatch kids at all, this fruit is a must try! What colors are you looking forward to wearing most this spring? I've seen a lot of cobalt and orchid, but I love this golden romper! Are you a fan of rompers? Happy Tuesday and stay warm!