Monday, March 17, 2014

A Lucky Gal

Dress: Forever 21 || Tights: Walmart? || Boots: Steve Madden || Jewelry: Forever 21
Happy St. Patrick's day, lovelies! Hope you're all dressed up in green today, if not, watch out for those pinches. Growing up, this was never an issue for me. My wonderful madre was born on St. Patrick's day and wouldn't let me forget without a pinch. Like most St. Patrick's day babies, my mom was named Pat(tricia). Fun Fact: Had she not been born on St. Patrick's day, her name would have been Melissa! And that's the story behind my name. ;)

For today, I linked up with Sharon of Paraparasailing! What's a better way to celebrate the holiday than with a St. Patty's Day inspired outfit? After pining through our closets for that special green item, we gave into a shopping trip instead. While we didn't end up with that single colored emerald green item, we each picked a dress versatile and perfect for the spring/summer. The funny part - we both happened to be sporting combat boots! Since purchasing my first pair early January, I may have worn them 3 times. So for this outfit, I decided to take a chance and wear the boots before I bought my outfit. Sometimes you just need to step outside the comfort zone, am I right? While I wouldn't normally pair these boots with this type of dress, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the final look! And just look at Sharon's tropical dress with those boots - so cute!

Are you wearing something green today? Have any special traditions for St. Patrick's Day? Anyone feeling extra lucky? I must say, I'm a lucky gal for being blessed with such a beautiful and kindhearted mom. Best of all, I'm back in Austin to celebrate this special day with her! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Photo Credit: Sharon and her awesome phone!

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  1. What a pretty shade of green you're wearing! I think the dress is a perfect find, and paired with your killer combat boots, spot on. I did manage to wear a bit of green on my pj's. That counts right? :)


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