Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Link Loving

I can't believe it's Friday already. Don't know about you, but it feels like this week flew by. Work has been crazy busy and my 10K training is in full effect with just 9 days to go. Think yoga, work, run, eat, sleep, repeat - this is my life right now. But instead of being worried about the race, I'm finally excited to take it on, no matter what. In the mean time, I'm sharing some fun links for all you fellow dreamers!

Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowl: In an attempt to make multiple lunches at once, I found this delicious recipe! It's healthy, absolutely delicious, and makes 4 servings. That's right, not 2, not 1, but 4! Sounds silly, but it sure goes a long way. Highly recommend this recipe to all of you, especially the vegetarians! I usually love chicken in my burrito bowl, but this recipe was excellent without it.

Anthropologie Dress:  Remember the booties of my dreams? It all started with a pin on Anthropologie's board. I don't remember when I followed them, but it's getting bad, y'all. I'm clicking every pin to check the price and details of each piece. EVERY pin. In order to prevent overspending, I'm thinking I should unfollow them soon. I'll just drool over this dress for now, okay?

Automatic Music Video: I may be a country music fan, but I've never been much of a Miranda Lambert fan. After hearing this song on the radio, I assumed it was Kacey Musgraves or some other female country singer. I have to give it her though, this song is amazing. I'm all about the simplicity of cellphones, but I still appreciate the little things before life became so automatic.

Combat Boots Inspiration: So I have a mini problem with wearing my combat boots - more on that soon. Long story short, I'm convinced none of my clothes work with them. That is, until I found this wonderful post. Thank you AWS. Here's to trying new styles!

Bedtime Yoga: Guess who's become a Yogi? Okay okay, not a serious yogi yet, but I'm doing YouTube videos! Counts for something right? With running, comes a lot of stretching. The only thing is, I can barely touch my toes without bending my knees. Starting small, I found this relaxing bedtime yoga video with Tara Stiles. It's only 3 minutes, but I sleep like a baby every time. Try it out tonight!

Spring Nail Polish: You may or may not have noticed my nail polish addition yet, but it's getting real now. Spring is here and that means pastels, bright neon's, and pink pink pink! As if I don't already have enough colors, here's a list of the perfect colors for Spring 2014.

April Fool's Jokes: I know it's still March, but April Fool's is just days away and you need to be prepared. Coming up with jokes the day of, just isn't the same. And while this list may be targeted to the younger crowd, I'm sure you could trick anyone with number 17, am I right?

Jimmy Kimmel asks Kids: Cosby was right about kids saying the darnest things, but what happens when you ask them about "naughty words"? Sit back and enjoy some laughs while these kidos tell you every bad word they know.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Any fun links you've found this week? Any plans for the weekend ahead? Luckily the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, so fingers crossed for some outfit photo shoots and nice practice runs. Once the 10K is complete, I'm hoping to devote more time to writing again - so watch out April, here I come! Enjoy the weekend :)


  1. Loved this link roundup. Excited to listen to the Miranda Lambert song :)

  2. Thanks girl! It's my favorite, and the video is bittersweet in a way - made me tear up!


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