Friday, March 14, 2014

March Wishlist

Happy Friday, y'all! Sorry for the silent treatment, but this week has been insane to say the least. As much as I love my job downtown, the SXSW traffic has really put a damper on my evenings this week.  I can't even tell you how glad I am that it's finally Friday. But you know what would make it even better? A weekend full of sunshine! I'm so tired of the clouds and drizzle. Fingers crossed those weather people are wrong and the sun makes an appearance this weekend. Until then I'll be drooling over this month's wishlist in hopes that Spring comes sooner than later - am I right?

Hat: I know I said I wasn't a hat person and that this is the second month in a row I post a hat, but I'm loving the short hair and hat look. My wool hat is lovely, but this straw fedora is perfect for the summer. Plus, it'll save our pretty faces from the sun.

Sunglasses: I think I found them, y'all! These sunnies will be the newest addition to my sunglasses collection. I love everything about them - the color, shape and style. It doesn't get better than that.

Purse: I love my little cross body bag, but it's becoming more and more difficult to fit everything in at once. I've decided it's time to move up a purse size and find a bag with actual compartments, I'm a working girl after all. Not only does this bag fit my bag checklist, it has both a handle and a strap - the best of both worlds!

Crop Top: I know these shirts were popular last summer, but I could never get myself to buy one. After browsing through Pinterest, I've found some new ways to pair this summer staple. There's so many types, but I can't get over the chic design on this top. Doesn't it look super comfortable?

Midi Skirt: They're everywhere I tell you - on Pinterest at least. I love the bold colors matched with stripes and fun designs. These big skirts add the perfect feminine touch to any outfit and works on any shape or size. This skirt isn't quite as full, but I love the bold pink against the black and white!

Sandals: I have a serious shopping problem when it comes to shoes. I've finally convinced myself that investing in quality shoes is important, and it totally is, except when I'm investing in multiple shoes of the same kind. As of now, I've got my eye on these, these and now these. After last month's splurge on the booties of my dreams, I'm having a hard time justifying these. *Just one pair Melissa, one pair.*

What are your March wishlists looking like? Invested in any spring pieces yet? Happy weekend, lovelies! It's looking like another weekend full of baseball for me! I've got a UT game, bird watching with friends, and my little brother's tournament. Did I mention I love baseball? What are your plans?


  1. Love the sandals! The gap and target have had such great shoes lately.

  2. this is a great looking list! love how summery and fun it looks!


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