Wednesday, April 30, 2014


You guys, I’m 23!!! I can't believe how quickly 22 went. Thanks to TSwift It was by far, one of the best years yet. I graduated college, created my blog, taught myself to run, found a job and then another job, made new friends and so much more. As if birthdays aren't special enough, I now have my blog where I can look back on all the little things throughout the year.

If you know me personally, you know that I'm a big believer in Carpe Diem. I don't want to live with regret, nor do I wish I could go back to this or this year. Aside from "Kill them with Kindness", "Living in the Moment" is my main mantra. 22 was amazing, but I'm excited for what 23 holds! I may be another year older, but I'm still young, still learning, and that's fine. I'll admit I was sad about turning 23, but only because TSwift’s “22” is no longer my song. Age is just a number though, and that means my TSwift jam sessions will continue for a long time. Plus, I don't think I'll stop wearing my heart shaped sunnies anytime soon ;)

Since this is my first birthday on the blog, I'm finally going to create a 23 before 23 list! Not today, but very soon. Today's my special day and I want to take in every moment. The weather is sunny, I'm sporting a new romper, wearing my favorite lipstick, and Google just wished me a Happy Birthday! Doesn't get better than that. Happy hump day, fellow dreamers!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dressing Up for Yoga

Yoga Outfit
1. Top & Bottom || 2. TopBottom & headband || 3. Top & Bottom || Water bottle || Yoga Mat
Today's the day, I'm attending my very first yoga class! I'm so excited to learn new poses and stretches. I'll admit I'm nervous, considering I can barely touch my toes, but it's a beginner's class right? To take my mind off the nervousness, I started window shopping for yoga gear online. When it comes to running, I stick with shorts and whatever t-shirt is clean. Compared to runners, I always thought yogi's were the style icons of activewear. Turns out they're not much different. Still, I might need to add a couple of these items to my shopping cart!

Which outfit is your favorite? Any yoga fans out there? What are your favorite pieces for class? Luckily I have my own yoga mat. I just really want one of those bands to carry it! Aren't they the cutest? Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Way Before The Screen

It's finally Friday!!! T-minus 5 days till my birthday and an unquestionable amount of time until, wait for it, the last Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie comes out! Remember those sweet books of real friendship and first loves - those were my favorite. When Sisterhood Everlasting came out, my heart skipped a beat. I read the book last summer, and let me just say, it's the BEST. If you loved the original sisterhood series and haven't read the final book, stop what you're doing and get it! You might not be 16 anymore, but neither are the girls. It's 10 years later and life is different. Warning: you will need tissues!

I know it's extremely early, but it's the perfect summer read and you'll be prepared just in time for the movie, whenever that is. Win win situation, am I right? Ahh, so so very excited for this. I'm thinking it's time for a sisterhood movie marathon ;) Have a fabulous weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Something New

I know the Austin City Limits(ACL) Music Festival tickets went on sale yesterday, but I couldn't get myself to drop the money for it. Call me crazy, but I don't trust the weather(blame last year's festival), and I'm going to enter every contest/sweepstakes to win myself a pass. It's a worth try, no? But instead of purchasing a festival pass, I made another purchase, more of a wellness investment. I finally signed up for Yoga!

After running my 10K, I wanted to try something a little different. It's the perfect way to work on my strength and flexibility, not to mention an extra chance to relax. Youtube is great, but I have a feeling I'll learn a bunch more in a beginner's class. And who knows, maybe I'll meet new yogi friends!

Anyone a yogi? Thinking about taking some classes? In the spirit of saying yes and after researching multiple yoga studios, I'm trying something new. Don't get me wrong, I'm nervous, especially since my balance isn't all there. That's something I can work on though, right? Before you know it, I'll be doing headstands! Kidding. Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Uniquely You Challenge - Red Maxi

You may have noticed how much I enjoy storytelling, especially with the longer posts recently, so today I decided to participate in ModCloth's Uniquely You Challenge! It's easy and fun, a stylist sends me a picture of ModCloth's item of the week, I style it to my liking, and then write a fun story to go along. This week's item happens to be a lovely maxi dress in red, with a racerback detail! It's extremely simple, but that just makes it 100 times more fun to style ;)
Beach Outfit

I styled the Summer Night Stroll dress for a weekend at the beach using Wanelo. With a dress this versatile, it's comfortable enough for a walk on the boardwalk with your cutie or nice enough for brunch with the besties Sunday morning. To spice it up, I've added a couple fun accessories to create a nautical look perfect for a day on the sand.

Weekender Tote: Not only does this bag carry all your vacation essentials, it'll quickly transfer to the perfect beach bag. Towel, sunscreen, and magazines - everything will fit!

Floppy Hat: Aside from spring fedoras, floppy hats are my thing. They block the sun, make me feel like a royal, and save me from a bad hair day. Why not add one to this dress?

Wedges: I'll be honest, as much as I love maxi dresses, I'm never going to be tall enough for the average dress length. In my case, every maxi requires wedges or heels. These are adorable, plus they match the floppy hat!

Scarf: When styling solid dresses or shirts, I always add a scarf! Since I started blogging, I've become so aware of the prints and colors I mix together. This scarf creates the perfect nautical look and also works for Independence day - that's a win win in my book. ;)

Ring: With the hat and the scarf making up most of the outfit, I decided to keep the jewelry minimal. How cute is this octopus ring? It has beachy written all over it.

Hope you enjoyed my styling with ModCloth's Summer Night Stroll dress! How would you style it differently? Still on the look out for the perfect maxi dress this summer? Make sure to check out other cute dresses here. My favorites are here and here. Have a fabulous Thursday!

P.S. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not compensated to write or participate in this challenge, I just really love the color of this dress!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Wishlist

April Wishlist
Lipstick || Sunglasses || Bracelet || Sandals || KIND Bar || Face Mask
I know talking about the weather gets old, but yesterday was nuts. It started out cloudy and muggy, thundered and poured, dropped 10 degrees, rain stopped, sun came out and then the wind went crazy for the rest of the evening. I know April is usually all about the rain, but it's not supposed to be cold too! Luckily, it's sunny and a tad bit warmer [Update: It's freezing COLD!] today! With my birthday at the end of the month, I'm hoping the rain will go away for good, that way I can wear whatever I want - including some of the items on my wishlist ;)

Forever 21 Lipstick: Thanks to Refinery 29's post, I took a chance and bought myself one of these pretty lip colors. I'm still not a makeup whiz by any means, but Forever 21 did well in my opinion. Not only was it moisturizing, it stayed on for a long time. Now why is it on my wishlist? Because I want more! could use a couple more colors… And what's a better way to test out new colors than a cheap steal from F21?

Sunnies: I know they look similar to last month's shades, but they're not, I promise. I think I like these just a tad more than the last pair anyway. Thick rims get me every time. The subtle cat eye is also a plus. I may or may not have just added these to my online shopping cart.

Bracelet: How cool is this bracelet? I may have jumped on the band wagon a little late, but who cares? The fact that you can switch out the letters whenever you want makes me that much fonder. How does Dreamer<3 sound, or what about @TBD? Soooo many choices. This would make such a great gift ;)

Sandals: After returning my combat boots, I sought after these pretty sandals, only to find out they were out of my size. Thanks to DSW's amazing customer service, they'll be arriving at my humble abode any moment now. Can't wait to wear these with my newest romper!

Kind Bars: You're probably thinking I should head to my nearest grocery store and pick them up right? Well, I did and there's none. They're "too new" I suppose. At the moment, they're only available on KIND's online store, in case you're wondering what to get me for my birthday ;)

Bioré Mask: I'm all about pampering and DIY masks, but when Bioré created this 1 minute heating mask - my heart skipped a beat. Sounds too good to be true, but who isn't down for a quick face mask? Sold out last time I checked, but you can bet I'm bringing this home the next time it's available!

What's on your April Wishlist? Anyone tried the F21 lipsticks? What about the affirmation bracelets - create your own hashtag yet? Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shoe To Yourself

Remember that one link I shared? The one where I needed inspiration for wearing combat boots? I was desperate y'all. After buying my first pair of combat boots early January, I'd maybe worn them 3 times - including my latest outfit post. Even though they were a total steal and quality leather, I couldn't get myself to style them.

After constantly pinning pics of combat boot outfits, I'd rush to my closet in search of the similar items - but I hardly ever owned any. It first made me question my selection of basic pieces, and then I questioned my personal style. The thing is, I love the pieces in my closet. I bought each and every piece with a smile on my face. I wasn't going to change my style in order to wear one pair of boots. Honestly, I think they're great - just not for me.

As of yesterday, I returned the shoes. In a materialistic shopaholic sort of way, it was bittersweet. As much as I wanted them to work, it just wasn't in the cards. Maybe next year. But you know what? I found these beauties instead. Not only are they 100% me, they're going to go with everything this summer. If only the weather would make up its mind already. The temps are dropping in Austin, again - but I digress.

Ever bought a pair of shoes you weren't sure about? Are you a combat boots sort of gal? Share your combat boot outfit links below - I'd love to check them out! Remember ladies, stay Shoe To Yourself. And for old time's sake, enjoy this throwback. Happy Monday, lovelies!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Seriously need this! via
Today marks 5 days since I finished my first 10K. I did it, y’all! After a rollercoaster of training, I followed through and crossed the finish line in less than 1 hour! And while this story isn’t as dramatic or inspiring as my very own Couch to 5K story, it’s the story of how I pushed myself to reach a personal goal and never looked back.

After making my new year’s resolutions for the year, I got straight to business and began searching for local races. I wanted to run a few 5K races, then a 10K or two, and maybe eventually a half marathon. Luckily for me, races are quite common in this part of Texas. You see, Austin has a large population of runners. Rain or shine, 100 or 30 degrees, they're still running, but I digress. During early January, I was looking into a 5K when a friend suggested we run the Capitol 10K together. I was hesitant at first, seeing as how I'd never run more than 4 miles; but with 3 months to go, I definitely had the time to train. With a Go Big or Go Home thought lingering in my head, I decided to do it. After all, this would bring me closer to my ultimate goal of running a half marathon. But after training for a couple days, circumstances changed and we were no longer running the race together. That was that.

Although I’d trained only a short while, I’d already pushed myself further each run. Running was still something new to me, but in order to reach my goals, I needed to continue. I trained by myself the first time, so why not do it again? Thanks to the world wide web, there’s plenty of tips and programs to help novices like myself, reach those higher goals of running longer distances – without an expensive trainer or running group. So I did my research, wrote down new goals, and signed up for my first 10K.

I’m not going to lie and say my training went according to plan, because trust me, it didn’t. Life happens, and so does the weather. The polar vortex came and went and came again, way too many times if you ask me. This is Texas people, not Alaska. And so I forced myself to train on the treadmill as often as possible. Side note: Netflix is always a good idea, especially on the treadmill. Eventually though, I became tired of the treadmill and went on a mini running hiatus. I know what you’re thinking, probably not good when you’re training for a race. Before I knew it, March had come around and I was barely reaching 5 miles. With some serious self-discipline, I got back in routine. I practiced and practiced, and eventually ran a practice 10K in 58:45!

During the last week of training, I took it easy to save my legs. I stretched everyday, drank lots of water, and even practiced yoga(new favorite exercise!) a couple times. To prevent a repeat of my 5K freak out, I prepared ahead of time. The only thing in my way, early morning thunderstorms. Just perfect. And like clockwork, I woke to a strike of thunder and the rain pouring. Why, why, why? A couple hours, I awoke to my alarm and the sound of a light drizzle outside - yay! I hopped out of bed, stretched, dressed, brushed my teeth and drove straight to the race.

For a gal who's late to everything, arriving early sure had its perks. I sat in my car and mentally prepared talked myself out of wearing my jacket and poncho, I even left my headphones behind. Who needs Pandora when you have live bands playing at your race? That's right, live music and it's not even a Rock 'n' Roll race! Eventually, I walked to the starting line and joined the thousands of runners. This was it, y'all. The gun had shot, I passed the starting line, and the rest was history.

Look at that weather!
As I've mentioned before, running is a time to clear my mind and take in my surroundings. Besides the never-ending hills and live music, the only part I remember was the end. I had one mile to go and could literally see the finish line across the lake. All I could think was one more mile, one more mile and then out of no where - "I've got it, the title for my next blog post(coming soon)!" I laugh now, but honestly those blogging thoughts got me through the last mile. As I approached the finish line, I had one last goal in mind - sprint to the end! It was definitely my most memorable moment of the race. I put everything I had left into this sprint and seconds later, I passed the finish line. Final Time: 54:09!

Words can't express my feelings once I crossed the finish line, I was speechless. I only wanted food and water, to find my madre, and check my results. And that's exactly what I did, hence the overload of food/drinks in my hands. Knowing that I was competing against thousands didn't leave me very hopeful of my rankings, but boy was I proud! Beating my record by 4 minutes(with hills), totally gives me bragging rights, am I right? After all the time and miles put into my training, I finally did it, and all by myself.

If you made it to the end, you're a serious trooper. This may be the longest post I've ever written. My story is personal, and it took a little longer to write, but it's honest and it's me. To the one who inspired me to run this race, thank you. Reaching your goals isn't always easy, but you can do it. What I've learned is that it's half self-discipline and half believing in yourself. Are there any goals you're working towards? Any new runners looking to run your first race? Whatever it is, say yes and do it! There's a good chance you won't regret it. Happy Friday, fellow dreamers!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almost Before the Screen

Remember how I made a resolution to read more? Then I went so far as to create a new series called "Before the Screen"? Well, the good news is I've read more, the bad news is that I'm missing the movie premieres. Example number one: Divergent. I know, it's been out for two weeks now. The only thing is that I'd been on the waiting list at the library for what felt like forever. But now, it's mine! The next two weeks will be strictly devoted to Divergent. I do NOT want to miss the movie in theaters!

After starting the book this weekend, I have to admit it's not as amazing as The Hunger Games, yet. It's very similar with the dystopian theme, but Suzanne Collins took it to another level with Katniss. It's hard not to compare the two, but this book started off a little slower, in my opinion. Now that I'm in chapter 9, things are definitely looking up. Can't wait to see it in theaters! I hear a certain actor from TFIOS is also in the Divergent move ;)

Have you read or seen Divergent yet? Is the book going to get better and better? What's on your reading list currently? Any ideas for my next book to read before the screen? I'm in serious need for new book ideas. Happy Wednesday, lovelies!