Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Movie Inspired Holiday Party Style

December is finally here and that means Holiday parties. Don't know about you, but I loveee dressing up for these sort of events - plus, it's my favorite the most wonderful time of the year! Bright lights, happy music spending time with family, etc. I love it all.

In preparation for my own Holiday party(tomorrow night!), I searched high and low, but I had no luck didn't want to spend big. Instead I decided to wear an old favorite and bought a new necklace and lipstick! I can't tell you how awesome it felt when I swiped my card and it was less than $15. Sometimes it just takes a couple accessories and bam, a new outfit!

Even though I won't be donning a new holiday dress, I can still share a couple ideas, right? Especially when they're inspired by my favorite holiday flicks. Happy Holiday parties, lovelies!

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