Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Future of Lunch Boxes

Kickstarters, y'all. There are so many. I know they're out there, but I hardly ever look. I was just minding my own business until one day my friend sent me a link for the Prepd Pack, or what I like to call "The future of lunch boxes." Laugh if you want, but I'm so serious I had to write a blog post about it, or at least share my latest obsession.

For those opposed to food photography, please ignore the "instagram worthy" line.

See what I mean? It's amazing. I know there are lots of lunchbox options, but which one comes with an app better than this? Aside from saving money through meal prep, chances are your meals will be healthier, you'll be excited to eat the meal you prepared, and/or even want to show off your new modern lunch case - I know I will! And trust me, I won't be the only one. Have you seen the number of backers?

So here we are, with just one day left to support the cause future. I know I know, $50 for one lunch box? Currently my purse acts as my lunch box, and after one too many tupperware leaks, the Prepd Pack just made sense. #leakfree I sat on the idea for weeks and finally gave in Monday morning. I even bought the meal prep pro option, because who doesn't like being prepared? Call me crazy, but I'm so excited you guys. It's a little bit of wait, but hey, it'll be like Christmas in July.


P.S. This post is not sponsored. I just really believe in the product and hope you do too!