Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's in my Bag?

I think I've been a little too excited for this post, considering the fact that I don't have many bags or items in my bag for that matter, but I digress. I do LOVE bags, it's just that I've never been a fan of designer bags. I recently mentioned I was a picky eater once, but I should probably just say I'm picky about everything, including bags. Thrifting around has been my main source of bags in recent years, however my current bag was a gift from my previous internship, with a wonderful nonprofit organization known as Profugo(more info coming soon!).

This bag has been a huge favorite of mine because of its ability to go with just about everything! It's also extremely spacious, but that's when I have to be careful, otherwise I will fill it up completely(and we've all been there)!

Silver and Gold Earrings: These are my emergency earrings. When I'm out and about, and without earrings, these are my backups! Plus, they're bound to match whatever I'm wearing ;)

Wallets(Colorful: Target, Polka dot: gifted): Yeah...about those two wallets. I've been meaning to switch from the colorful one to the polka dot one. I told myself that if I put them both in there, it'd get done eventually. As of now, they're still in there, but now it's on my to-do list!

Ibuprofen: No explanation needed. Sometimes you just need a chill pill, if you get my drift.

Tissues: I've had these since...well I don't even know. They come in handy sometimes, but more like when I actually remember them.

7-Eleven Coupon Thing: I'm pretty certain I got this about two weeks ago(and that it was for that week only), oops.

USB Drive: I'm kind of a nerd and well, you never know when you'll need it!

Sunglasses(Forever 21): Absolutely necessary during the Texas summers!

Hand Sanitizer: Smells amazing, thanks to B&BW! But again, when I remember it.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Green Apple Chicken Salad

During my last year of college, I finally picked up cooking. Having no meal plan, it was either delivery and take-out or learn to cook for myself.  Trying to choose the smart and healthy choice, I went with a new goal of learning to cook. I ended up stealing(well not really "stealing", more like memorized) a couple recipes from different restaurants and coffee shops, but hey, Julia Child once said to "Be FEARLESS", and at least I can make some of my favorite meals now!

Growing up I was the pickiest eater and still am partly, but I've definitely learned to try new foods in recent years. As a picky eater, I was not a fan of salads. It wasn't until probably 3 years ago that I realized I actually like spinach(best realization EVER). So when I found a salad that I actually enjoyed(besides the usual house salad), I HAD to the memorize the ingredients and make it for myself!

1 Chicken breast
Lemon Pepper
Garlic Powder
1 Cup of Spinach
2 Cups of Arugula
1/2 of Granny Smith Apple
1/4 Cup of Feta Cheese
1/4 Cup of Walnuts(Optional)
Balsamic Vinaigrette(Optional)

1. Pull out chicken breast and preheat oven to 375 degrees. 
2. Season chicken breast with garlic powder and lemon pepper.
3. Bake chicken breast at 375 degrees for 10 minutes
4. Pull out chicken breast and cut into the chicken, cook for another 10 minutes.
5. Slice half of a granny smith apple into small pieces.
6. Prepare spinach and arugula mix.
7. Add feta cheese to the apples and spinach/arugula mix.
8. Slice baked chicken into small pieces and add to salad.

Hope you enjoy the recipe! Go ahead and try the optional ingredients(not a fan of either). This salad is quick and easy to make, but still healthy and wonderfully delicious!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Staples

Happy official First Day of SUMMER! It's definitely been WARM here in Texas, but luckily it hasn't hit a 100 degrees, yet. In Texas, the seasons always seem to skip Fall and Spring. It's as if over night it becomes either chilly or extremely hot. With the temperatures slowing rising towards a 100, my daily runs have turned into daily dips in the pool. But with hot weather, comes my favorite season for dressing! I'm currently obsessed with anything floral, bright neon colors, and all shades of blue. Below are my staples for summer!

1. Sandals - Old Navy (No longer available, similar): These sandals were a total steal at just $12! I love the bright orange against the tan. These will definitely help me experiment with mismatching and new outfits!

2. Cat Eye Shades - Maya (Similar): I have been looking for a pair of cat eye shades for longer than I can remember. I tend to think my eyebrows are too high or my nose is doesn't sit proportionately with my eyes, as I have a difficult time finding shades that can actually "cover my eyebrows"(style rule from my madre). As a loyal wearer of oversized shades, I was nervous the cat eye's smaller frames would never work, until I found these. The shades fit perfectly and are currently my everyday shades!

3. Skyline Blue Nail Polish - CVS: I'm probably a nail polish addict, but you can never really have too many, am I right? I have a crazy amount of pink polishes, so this summer I've decided it's all about the blues and greens.

4. Bangle Bracelet - Thrifted: You may recognize this little beauty from here! I'm still obsessed with this bracelet, as it goes with pretty much everything. 

What are your favorite summer staples? I'm off to a baseball tournament this weekend, so I'll definitely be wearing my cat eye shades and lots of sunscreen! Start your summer right and have a lovely weekend!

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Hair and I

Having grown up with soft and beautiful straight hair, I was pretty upset to find my hair FRIZZING while entering the teenage years. Hair gel and ponytails were all I knew during those awkward years. While my friends were learning new hairstyles and different braids, I was the one constantly trying to wet my hair and keep the frizz down (even if it did pop back up 5 seconds later). I tried about a billion different shampoos and conditioners, stopped blowdrying my hair, bought new hairbrushes, but nothing ever changed.

The awkward days.

I'll never forget my first hair straightener (you know, the original Conair non-ceramic straigtener), it worked like magic, even if it did take a whole 45 minutes. And while the heat probably only damaged my hair even more, I eventually learned of Heat Protectant spray and slowed down the split-end damage. 

It wasn't until high school that I learned about Mousse and its amazing effect on my crazy hair. I was finally able to keep the waves and volume, minus the frizz. It's the one product that I always swear by. And although there are several different brands of Mousse, the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly smells amazing (like all their other products) and lasts ALL day.

Mousse Waves

My most recent find has been the Microfiber Towel! It's great for those with curly or wavy hair by reducing the frizz, drying your hair faster, and keeping the natural waves or curls. I bought Aquis Mimi's Diva Dryer Hair Towel because of its size and my long hair, but there are plenty other brands that work just as well.

New find!

To this day, I struggle with my crazy hair. It definitely has a mind of its own, but over the years I've learned to appreciate the waves and its ability to hold a curl (when curled) or stay straight (when straigtened). There will always be days of humidity, but that's what bad hair days are for, right? 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Reads and Real Men

As a proud and recent owner of the Nook, I've finally gotten back into reading! In the past, I've been too busy with school and had little time for leisure reading. With no school and summer finally here, I created a list of books I'd like to read by the end of summer. While I don't expect to finish them all, I love the idea of setting this small goal and hope to get through most of them!

With two books in the bag, I'd say I'm off to a good start, right? The Pact (Jodi Picoult) was an amazing story and I highly recommend it for mystery fans!

My latest read was Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns)." After having read the book, I definitely feel that Mindy and I could be the BEST of friends! But seriously, we both share a love for romantic comedies, were sheltered heavily by our parents, teased multiple times a child, and hope to live happily ever after some day!

As hopeless romantics, it seems we also agree on the makings of real men. In the book, she writes a section to explain the difference between Men and Boys. And while men aren't perfect and can't always match her criteria, here's to dreaming ;) because this sounds pretty great to me!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Recap from First Thursday at South Congress

So if you're from Texas, you've probably heard about Austin at one point or another. It's known for being the "Music Capital of the World" and that it is, along with a bunch of delicious eateries, vintage shops, and beautiful parks. And while you may have heard crazy stories about 6th Street, South Congress has also been a popular destination among other tourist attractions. As an Austin gal, I've learned to appreciate the fun events around town, including the popular First Thursday event of every month. You can always find amazing LIVE music, eat at some delicious LOCAL restaurants, explore some awesomely WERID Austin stores, get FREE hugs, or check out some beautifully HANDMADE items along South Congress.

Beautiful view of SoCo, isn't it?
Being back home for the first thursday of June, I decided to make a visit to South Congress (SoCo) with my madre. Not only was the weather perfect, but my favorite SoCo store, Maya was having free giveaways and beverages!!! And although my raffle ticket was just ONE number off, I didn't think changing the number 4 to 8 would convince the lady to let me have the giveaway bag. So with that, I decided to head over for a free beverage, of which included Southern Comfort Whiskey and lemonade. ;) For dinner, we visited Homeslice for my favorite pizza in town. I mean, is there anything better than pizza and Big Red (only the best soda from Texas!)? I think not. While walking the rest of SoCo that evening, I came across these two lovely items:

Thrifted (Similar)
I've really taken to bangle bracelets recently and couldn't pass this one by! I love the floral pattern and simple colors and at only $7, it was definitely a steal!

Thrifted (Similar)
It was pretty much love at first sight with this top, and the fact that it fit me perfectly was a total plus!

From the free beverages to the vintage shops, it was definitely a successful First Thursday! And after years of having not been, even my madre had fun. I'm already too excited for next month, but here's to hoping for more giveaways from Maya next time! ;)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Blushing Dreamer Breakdown

If you're reading this blog for a second time, thanks for coming back! Today I decided to reveal the story behind my fabulous blog name, because well, it's kind of an interesting story.

So as I mentioned before, the creation of this blog took 6 long months. And while you could ask why I didn't just write what I want and get on with it, it sounds much easier said than done, especially since I had NO IDEA what to name this blog. Looking back, it all worked out for the best really. I was still in school and had little time to write or devote. Aside from these excuses reasons, I was always clueless for what to name the blog. I wanted something meaningful and clever, but not too corny. And while you may have your own thoughts, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

Breakdown of The Blushing Dreamer (TBD):

The: simply necessary.

Blush(ing): the one thing I can't control, happens at the worst possible moments, and leaves some boys with even bigger heads. It's impossible to hide with fair skin, but over time I've learned to deal with it, and maybe even appreciate it a little.

Dreamer: a hopeless romantic, believer of fairytales, and positive attitude can attribute to my my dreamer status. And while I know there is both good and bad in the world, I strive to live by the words of Audrey Hepburn and look for the good in others.

Inspiration: one of my favorite quotes!
Hope you had a lovely weekend and let me know what you thought of the blog name breakdown!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted

So it has taken exactly 6 months for me to create this blog, but I finally did it! I should probably explain that on January 1st, I made a New Years Resolution that I would finally write a blog this year. Over the two past years, I've come across some amazing writers with incredible blogs. With my list of daily blog reads quickly increasing, I felt inspired to create my own! And honestly, it couldn't be a better time! I've just graduated from college and returned home to the beautiful Austin, Texas (my inspiration). While the search for a job has not been easy, I'm staying optimistic and working hard to find a position that I love. Aside from the job hunt, I finally have the chance to cross some items off the bucket list (including this blog)!

While it's June 1st, I only felt it was appropriate to begin the blog, being that it has been 6 months since New Years Day and all. I'm so excited to finally begin this blog and only hope it makes you smile, laugh or find some inspiration. It's definitely going to take some time to beautify, but it's a challenge ACCEPTED! ;)