Saturday, June 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted

So it has taken exactly 6 months for me to create this blog, but I finally did it! I should probably explain that on January 1st, I made a New Years Resolution that I would finally write a blog this year. Over the two past years, I've come across some amazing writers with incredible blogs. With my list of daily blog reads quickly increasing, I felt inspired to create my own! And honestly, it couldn't be a better time! I've just graduated from college and returned home to the beautiful Austin, Texas (my inspiration). While the search for a job has not been easy, I'm staying optimistic and working hard to find a position that I love. Aside from the job hunt, I finally have the chance to cross some items off the bucket list (including this blog)!

While it's June 1st, I only felt it was appropriate to begin the blog, being that it has been 6 months since New Years Day and all. I'm so excited to finally begin this blog and only hope it makes you smile, laugh or find some inspiration. It's definitely going to take some time to beautify, but it's a challenge ACCEPTED! ;)



  1. Congrats on the blog - love the name! I am so proud of you!!! I can't wait to read more :)


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