Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's in my Bag?

I think I've been a little too excited for this post, considering the fact that I don't have many bags or items in my bag for that matter, but I digress. I do LOVE bags, it's just that I've never been a fan of designer bags. I recently mentioned I was a picky eater once, but I should probably just say I'm picky about everything, including bags. Thrifting around has been my main source of bags in recent years, however my current bag was a gift from my previous internship, with a wonderful nonprofit organization known as Profugo(more info coming soon!).

This bag has been a huge favorite of mine because of its ability to go with just about everything! It's also extremely spacious, but that's when I have to be careful, otherwise I will fill it up completely(and we've all been there)!

Silver and Gold Earrings: These are my emergency earrings. When I'm out and about, and without earrings, these are my backups! Plus, they're bound to match whatever I'm wearing ;)

Wallets(Colorful: Target, Polka dot: gifted): Yeah...about those two wallets. I've been meaning to switch from the colorful one to the polka dot one. I told myself that if I put them both in there, it'd get done eventually. As of now, they're still in there, but now it's on my to-do list!

Ibuprofen: No explanation needed. Sometimes you just need a chill pill, if you get my drift.

Tissues: I've had these since...well I don't even know. They come in handy sometimes, but more like when I actually remember them.

7-Eleven Coupon Thing: I'm pretty certain I got this about two weeks ago(and that it was for that week only), oops.

USB Drive: I'm kind of a nerd and well, you never know when you'll need it!

Sunglasses(Forever 21): Absolutely necessary during the Texas summers!

Hand Sanitizer: Smells amazing, thanks to B&BW! But again, when I remember it.

Happy Thursday!

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