Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Favorite Romper

When it comes to planning outfits, it's usually 50/50. Either it's smooth sailing or I'm stuck staring  at a pile of clothes on my bed. I'll be honest though, it's probably more like 30/70. It takes some serious time to pick everything out. Don't get me wrong, I have my go-to outfits, but after a while it gets sort of boring. It's much easier to take the easy way out and just grab a dress, but then there's the comfort aspect. Sure, there are plenty of comfortable dresses; but if I want to go sit criss-cross applesauce out on the grass, how am I supposed to sit comfortably? In the end, it all comes down to the Romper. It's stylish, comfortable, and I don't have to worry about what's going to match, besides my shoes ;)

Romper: Thrifted (Similar) || Belt: Forever 21 || Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar)

I've been a fan of rompers for the past couple of summers and they never fail me. They may be simple, but they're easy to dress up or dress down. I found this little number while thrifting the other weekend and couldn't wait to wear it. I've got a couple already, but this is my first patterned/floral romper and I love it! Have you ever tried a romper? How do you style yours?

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Royals and Polka Dots

If you knew me, you might say I'm a fan of the royal couple and Kate's classy style. Now I know I'm not from Britian or anything, but I do love a good story of a prince and princess living happily ever after. In my opinion, Will and Kate are the most adorable couple on this planet, besides..., well I guess no one really compares at this point in time. Their love story is kinda long and maybe even got a little complicated along the way, but in the end they had a beautiful wedding and seem more in love than ever. And so like every other newspaper, magazine, and tabloid sites online, I'd like to say Congratulations to the Royal Couple!

So in love!
I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping for a baby girl. But I'm bias and just wanted a princess to be next in line for the throne. If you didn't hear, a royal law was changed months after the royal wedding to allow the eldest child next in line for the throne, be that son OR daughter. Still, I'm happy for them and quite in love with the name, Prince George Alexander Louis, now that's a handsome one!

Classy as ever.
Now for some outfit inspiration, I'd like to point out Kate's lovely Jenny Packham dress. In or out of style, I can't get enough of polka dots. Fun and feminine, they work for any occasion, including a picnic in the park or showing the first glimpse of your newborn. Both Diana and Kate pulled off some beautiful post pregnancy looks with polka dots, so go ahead and check out some of these affordable Princess/Duchess inspired dresses!

Forever 21
Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo #1: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk
Photo #2: www.womanandhome.com

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Around this time last year, I was searching for the perfect internship(can't believe how fast time flies)! I searched endlessly on the Villanova Career Center's website and applied for numerous positions everyday. I wanted my internship to be beneficial to my communication major, accessible to public transportation(didn't have a car in PA), and a chance to learn something new. I remember receiving 3 offers and having to weigh the pros and cons of each. All of the internships were amazing opportunities, but in the end, I chose Profugo. The internship included several communication duties, was a 5 minute train ride from Villanova's campus, and allowed me to learn more than I ever expected.

I remember the first day I walked into the small office area, with four workers, and honestly thinking "did I make the wrong choice?" Yes I know, I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but when most of my previous internships included big businesses and companies, it was sort of a culture shock. I knew I needed to give it some time and get to know my co-workers, even if I am a bit shy. As the weeks went by, I started to learn more about the non-profit's work, became friends with my co-workers, and loved my work. Throughout my internship, I learned how to manage website content, plan organization events, create an online store, and wrote an article about the importance of Education and International Development. Looking back, I'll admit my judgements were shallow. Interning with Profugo was truly the best choice and I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work with the team. Although small, the Profugo team works mighty hard!
Profugo's focus of International Development included creating sustainable projects within Wayanad, India. A tailoring workshop was started early 2012, in which the community women learned to sew bags, coin purses, and wallets. While learning these new skills, the women became empowered and grew as leaders in the community. To expand the workshop, Profugo has sold these items online and done extremely well, if I say so myself! The proceeds go straight back to Wayanad, in order to continue the development of other projects. Make sure to check out their website to learn more about and find out how to get involved!

Now if the name sounds familiar, you might remember it from the "What's In My Bag?" post. As I've mentioned before, I'm not really all that into designer bags, as I prefer thrifting. However, after interning with Profugo, I certainly became a fan of their bag collection, and how could you not, it's for a great cause! The bags are all Fair Trade products, include authentic and stylish patterns(lots of floral prints!), come in all sizes, and are much more afforable than any designer bag ;). Check out some of my favorite items below!

The Clutch
Plum Panes Cross Body Bag
The Cross-body Bag
Red Floral (Limited Edition) Padded Wallet
The Padded Wallet
Black & White Set
The Bag Set: includes cross-body bag, cosmetic bag, and coin purse.
Disclaimer: I did not receive any sort of compensation for advertising this organization. I simply believe in Profugo and wanted to share some of my favorite items from their bag collection.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writes Like A Girl

Welcome to the first of hopefully many Favorite Blogger of the Month posts! Although a new writer, I've been a follower of numerous blogs for quite some time. I think it's a wonderful thing when I can find new bloggers through guest posts or buttons, just from visiting my daily reads. One thing leads to another and before I know it, I've got 3 new sites bookmarked. As a new blogger, I really enjoy looking through the archives and seeing how far they've all come. It's pretty inspirational if you ask me!

July's Favorite Blogger of the Month features one of my newest blog finds, writes like a girl. Now if you haven't clicked yet, please do! Nicole is a native Austinite(just like me!) and a fabulous writer. Her blog includes posts on style, feminism, Austin and growing up in your early 20s! What's great is that she will also be attending the Texas Style Council(TxSC) conference next month, so we'll have a chance to meet and I'll have made my first blogger friend! Hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do!

When and why did you decide to start blogging?

When I started blogging is actually a complicated answer. My blog has had several iterations, starting as a humor essay blog a la Mindy Kaling back in fall of 2011. In February of 2012, I did my first outfit post (it’s really embarrassing so don’t go looking for it!). After following tons of blogs on Bloglovin’, I finally got an iPhone to take outfit photos with. I found an app with a self timer and propped my phone on a bookshelf and went to town! The rest is history?

Describe your personal style.

I describe my style as hipster preppy or preppy hipster, depending on the day. I’m inspired by J.Crew catalogues, vintage store window displays, the 1960s, and Glamour Magazine.

What are some of your favorite summer staples?

My crochet-accented cutoffs, a floral dress, and a sturdy pair of sandals that transition from a park adventure to dinner somewhere nice. And snow cones. Every outfit goes well with a snow cone!

Who are some of your style influences?

Is it weird if they’re all bloggers? Kendi, Kenzie, Blair, Holly, and Mara.

How would you describe your blog in 5 words?

Open. Supportive. Feminist. Fashionably-inclined. Inspired.

What’s your favorite part about blogging?
Starting and being a part of conversations about what it is to be woman in 2013.

What’s your least favorite part about blogging?

Taking outfit photos!

What do you love most about Austin?

How nice the people are! I grew up hanging out with my dad a lot and we made friends everywhere we went just because everyone is into helping out and sharing a laugh. To anyone thinking about moving here, bring your friendly attitude or move to Dallas.

Thanks for reading Nicole's interview and make sure to look out for the next Favorite Blogger of the Month! Also, if you're a Central Texas blogger or Austinite yourself and interested in attending the TxSC conference, hurry up and register here! It's going to be an incredible experience for all bloggers and business gals alike. Registration is open for a limited time, so get your tickets now!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Perfect Jean Jacket

You know that imaginary clothing staples list you have? The one with a LBD, the perfect cut-offs, the day to night blazer, etc. It's a precious list and each piece deserves some time well spent looking for. While my list could go on and on, my most recent find has been the perfect jean jacket! It's not everyday you find that perfect piece, let me tell you. I had searched and thrifted numerous stores before finding the right one. Thanks to Pacsun, I found the piece I'd been looking for all along. And best of all, the store was having a "Buy one, get one FREE" sale, yes I said it, FREE! So in the end, I basically killed two birds with one stone, because I also found the perfect chambray top for FREE(just a bit excited about money I saved)! It's a little late I know, but I have a feeling it's not going out of style anytime soon, am I right? The main thing is, this jean jacket is never going out of style ;)

Jean Jacket: Pacsun || Dress: Aeropostale (Similar) || Shoes: Old Navy (Similar) || Bag: Thrifted

So in honor of finding the perfect jean jacket and the fact that I have yet to create any outfit posts, I finally bribed my sister to take some pictures and decided to give it a try*!

*Disclaimer: This was my first photo shoot, so please excuse my awkward moments of what to do with my hands and other trying poses. 

I apologize about the lighting, but we had to work with the crazy weather(hence the different settings). Of course with my luck, it just had to rain on the first try! Thank goodness the weather has cleared up since then, just in time for the weekend :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Girl's Best Friend

I'm a dog lover all the way. I've grown up with pet dogs my whole life and love them to pieces. I'm excited to raise my own dogs some day, although I've already planned for a rabbit as my first pet! The pet rabbit is a story I'd love to explain, but I'll wait until the future ;).

For now my family and I have two wonderful dogs named Journey and Simba. Journey was my Christmas present from Santa Claus about 12 years ago, and the first puppy I helped raise in my family. Simba was another Christmas present from Santa Claus 2 years ago, but for my younger brother that time. They both have such unique personalities and loving souls. While Simba is the playful puppy, Journey is the sweet old lady. I like to think he keeps her young and she keeps him in check. I know I'm completely bias, but they're some of the best dogs I've ever known.

This week has been difficult for my family and I, as Journey got sick the other night. She was panting more than usual, whimpering in pain, and could hardly walk on her own. Because of her old age, we worried for her life ending. Both Simba and Journey have lived healthy lives and never had many problems, so this was surprising to all of us. After taking her to the vet, the doctor informed us that she had an infection, but was otherwise doing well. It was a relief to all of us, but definitely kicked in what I like to call "My Maternal Pet Instincts".

I honestly don't know what got into me. I'm not saying that I've never cared for my dogs, but I've never followed them around constantly either. For the past few days, I have been glued to Journey in order to help her walk outside, giving her food, water and medicine, and simply make sure she's comfortable. With her walking more slowly and resisting her food recently, last night made for improvements! Not only was she walking around some more, doing her business again, and finally ate some dog food on her own (I've had to force-feed her the past few days, no fun)! I'm so grateful that the medicine has kicked in and even more glad to see her returning to her normal self!

From all of this, I've learned so much more about caring for your pet. While she may have been frustrated with me forcing her food or water and carrying her around, it was all worth it, especially when she ate some food willingly (Maternal Pet Instinct). It was also a proud moment to see her walk around with some pep in her step.

Journey and Simba
They really enjoy looking outside!

Journey and Simba are my best friends, but they're also like a sister and brother. To any pet or dog owner, you can all understand the fun energy a pet gives you. It's been a real lesson tending to her every need, but it makes me look forward to raising my own pets some day. So here's to Journey's continuing recovery and a weekend full of fun! Happy Friday everyone :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Surprise Vacation

So it's been a longgggg time since my last post, but guess what? I had a SURPRISE vacation and I absolutely LOVE surprises and well, vacations too! Out of the blue, my madre decided we head down to the beach. Having been home and on the job hunt for the past month, it was time for some serious RELAXATION!

It's always been a family tradition to head down to South Padre Island during the 4th of July week and visit with family. It's a great time of year to be at the beach, especially with this Texas weather! Now I could ramble on about everything that happened, but I think I'll just sum it up with the highlights and other random thoughts from my week!

Floppy Hat!

  • Watched one too many episodes of The Office, thank you Netflix!
  • Didn't get sunburned, score!
  • Remembered to wear my floppy hat everyday.
  • Went to the movies for only 1 dollar, but seriously.
  • Finally bought the perfect blue jean jacket!
  • Used the tissues from my bag for the first time in months.
  • Spent the whole night fishing and caught absolutely NOTHING.
  • Food, food, and more food.
  • Played Tennis for the first time in years and it turns out or what I keep telling myself, is that I have a KILLER serve.
  • Totally forgot about Independence day while packing and still managed to find something red, white and blue!
Although vacations are a great time to get away and enjoy yourself, I'm definitely glad to be home! Tomorrow reality returns and the job hunt continues. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)