Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Perfect Jean Jacket

You know that imaginary clothing staples list you have? The one with a LBD, the perfect cut-offs, the day to night blazer, etc. It's a precious list and each piece deserves some time well spent looking for. While my list could go on and on, my most recent find has been the perfect jean jacket! It's not everyday you find that perfect piece, let me tell you. I had searched and thrifted numerous stores before finding the right one. Thanks to Pacsun, I found the piece I'd been looking for all along. And best of all, the store was having a "Buy one, get one FREE" sale, yes I said it, FREE! So in the end, I basically killed two birds with one stone, because I also found the perfect chambray top for FREE(just a bit excited about money I saved)! It's a little late I know, but I have a feeling it's not going out of style anytime soon, am I right? The main thing is, this jean jacket is never going out of style ;)

Jean Jacket: Pacsun || Dress: Aeropostale (Similar) || Shoes: Old Navy (Similar) || Bag: Thrifted

So in honor of finding the perfect jean jacket and the fact that I have yet to create any outfit posts, I finally bribed my sister to take some pictures and decided to give it a try*!

*Disclaimer: This was my first photo shoot, so please excuse my awkward moments of what to do with my hands and other trying poses. 

I apologize about the lighting, but we had to work with the crazy weather(hence the different settings). Of course with my luck, it just had to rain on the first try! Thank goodness the weather has cleared up since then, just in time for the weekend :)


  1. Hi girl! It's María. No sabía que tú también tenías un blog, me encanta. Un beso.

    1. María! Si, yo empecé mi blog el mes pasado. Me gusta tu blog tambien, es preciosa!


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