Friday, July 26, 2013

The Royals and Polka Dots

If you knew me, you might say I'm a fan of the royal couple and Kate's classy style. Now I know I'm not from Britian or anything, but I do love a good story of a prince and princess living happily ever after. In my opinion, Will and Kate are the most adorable couple on this planet, besides..., well I guess no one really compares at this point in time. Their love story is kinda long and maybe even got a little complicated along the way, but in the end they had a beautiful wedding and seem more in love than ever. And so like every other newspaper, magazine, and tabloid sites online, I'd like to say Congratulations to the Royal Couple!

So in love!
I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping for a baby girl. But I'm bias and just wanted a princess to be next in line for the throne. If you didn't hear, a royal law was changed months after the royal wedding to allow the eldest child next in line for the throne, be that son OR daughter. Still, I'm happy for them and quite in love with the name, Prince George Alexander Louis, now that's a handsome one!

Classy as ever.
Now for some outfit inspiration, I'd like to point out Kate's lovely Jenny Packham dress. In or out of style, I can't get enough of polka dots. Fun and feminine, they work for any occasion, including a picnic in the park or showing the first glimpse of your newborn. Both Diana and Kate pulled off some beautiful post pregnancy looks with polka dots, so go ahead and check out some of these affordable Princess/Duchess inspired dresses!

Forever 21
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. that target dress is crazy similar! you already have kate hair, so i say get the dress and act like a duchess!

    xo nicole

    1. You're too sweet, don't mind if I do! ;)

  2. Totally thought she was having a girl...but yay for the little prince!


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