Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Sister...

We know it took me a little longer than expected to write my recap about Texas Style Council(Part 2 is coming soon!), but I bet you didn't know my sister(aka my photographer), is heading off to college this weekend! It's an exciting time for her as she embarks on a new journey in life, but I couldn't be more excited for her. She's one of those people in life, the kind that push you out of your comfort zone, your total opposite, but love you no matter what, whether you're at your worst and best. In honor of my sister's new chapter in life, I wanted to create a list as if I don't already make enough of some useful tips! But then I thought about it and changed my mind, yay for new ideas! So I wrote a letter, since writing letters is the best way I express myself. This letter is dedicated to my sister and all you other gals entering college or a new chapter of your life!

Sister's High School graduation!

Dear Sister,

Carpe Diem - seize the day and live in the moment! Get involved and make new friends. Join groups who share a common interest and join groups you've always wanted to try. Don't stretch yourself to thin and get burnt out on things you actually enjoy. If you're feeling stressed out, take a break and do your laundry, it's still productive. While you're at it, throw your bed spread in the dryer, especially on cold winter nights, nothing is better than a warm blanket. When it's 2 AM and you're barely running on caffeine, go to sleep and set your alarm to wake up a little earlier. Sleep is always good.

Love the freedom, but know your priorities and stick to them, whether that's classes, friends and family, TV, or school activities. In that freedom, make time for you, at least a couple times a week. Paint your nails, read the school newspaper, watch Netflix, or make a YouTube video. It's always good to relax and reflect on your day/week.

Use a planner or calendar, that way you're less likely to forget an appointment, meetings or class. Use it for making lists or reminders. Create a bucket list of things to complete before you graduate. I'm a list lover and bias, but making these goals is fun and always keeps you reaching for something new. Remind yourself when it's time to buy books or send back those books you borrowed forever ago. Books are expensive, so check the library first, otherwise join Amazon Prime(just remember to cancel after 6 months or they charge you, not that I know from personal experience or anything). Free shipping anyone? I think yes.

Be YOU, no one likes a fake. Don't worry about making everyone happy or being liked by everyone, it's not important and just creates extra stress. Go out with the girls and "fall in love with strangers*", just make sure you go back with those same friends(leave no gal behind). Blast the music while getting ready and take lots of pictures(optional: lay out your pajamas before you leave - I'm kind of a nerd)! Go to school games and events, go crazy with your team spirit and maybe win a free t-shirt(side note: take every free t-shirt, it's FREE. plus you can create an awesome quilt of all your college t-shirts after graduation).

Dress up or dress down, it's up to you. Just don't forget to check the weather, or make friends with someone who does. You don't want to get caught in the rain before a big presentation and/or without an umbrella. Print out some of your favorite pins from Pinterest and make a style collage for daily inspiration. Don't let everyone and their mother change your style. As long as you're comfortable, you'll be confident, and confidence is beautiful.

Lastly, don't forget about regrets. You might make some mistakes along the way, but it's all part of growing up. It's a new journey and preparation for the real world, so enjoy every second!

Love Always,

Melissa - The Blushing Dreamer

P.S. for my Sister: I may have mentioned most or all of this at dinner last night, oops. ;)

*22 - Taylor Swift
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  1. I've got a sister. She's 3 years younger than me - I'm 24, she's 21. We're *just* starting to figure out how to get along in life. I couldn't imagine writing a letter to her like this though. Maybe one day. Also, good luck making your brother your new photographer :)


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