Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday
Getting through the week can feel like an obstacle course sometimes. What starts off great turns into a mess, or what starts off wrong becomes horrible. Things come up out of nowhere and push you off balance. When things aren't going your way, it's hard to recognize the positive moments. Life is complicated and there's no denying it, but looking on the bright side can help.

As a new blogger, I've found myself stressing about my "image" as a writer or worrying that I don't post enough each week. After talking with my new friend Mia from TxSC, I've learned it's important to find what works for me, and that resonates in all aspects of life. Staying true to yourself and doing what you love is real happiness. I've recently read some beautiful posts by Nicole, Christina, and Kendi. They have all taken a chance and expressed their own moments of uncertainty through writing. It's not easy writing a vulnerable post, but I admire each of them for their strength and courage. Through it all, they have the support of readers like you and the rest of the blogging community.

From this little lesson, I felt inspired to create a new weekly post: Words of Wisdom Wednesday. I've always been a lover of quotes and I'd like to start sharing a couple of my favorites each Wednesday. As I mentioned here, I want my blog to help you find inspiration, whether it's through DIY's or quotes. Hope y'all enjoy this week's quotes and feel inspired to kick some butt the rest of this week!


  1. Love this idea! But then again, I love quotes :) Perfect Wednesday kind of post, too, since the middle of the week can be so tough.

    I love seeing personal stories from bloggers, but that's something that is hard for me to share personally. It's tough being vulnerable, but with every post, I am trying to let others in a little more.

    1. Thanks, Mia! I definitely understand. Sometimes we just have to take baby steps when it comes to being vulnerable.


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