Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Links I'm Loving Lately

Hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day weekend! After scoping out the major sales, I needed a day to catch up on The Office and relax. In the spirit of taking it easy, I've decided to share some links I've been loving lately. Aside from the hype over Miley's performance, Lamar's drug addiction, and 50 Shades of Grey's cast announcement, here are some lighthearted and inspirational sites I've come upon recently.

A Girl Who Writes: I believe this piece was written in response to You Should Date An Illiterate Girl. While both pieces are written well, I must say I prefer A Girl Who Writes. As a writer and hopeless romantic, I dream of something this beautiful.

What Should I Read Next?: This site is brilliant! I don't know how many times I've finished a book and gone on to read something completely different, only to get bored or never finish it. When you're in the mood for something similar to your last few reads, this site has the perfect list of books. Go ahead and try it out, it might surprise you!

11 Ways To Wear A Bow: I've always loved bows! Whether on clothing, jewelry, or bags, they add the perfect feminine touch to anything. Wearing bows in your hair without looking like a child is the reason I stopped wearing them all together. Thanks to TBD, I feel inspired to try them out again, big and small!

Simple Inspiration: I've been looking for all types of inspiration recently and this post made my day last week! Nicole's "Simplification Plan" includes the perfect words to live by and reminds you to step back and appreciate the little moments in life.

Poketo: So I finally found the perfect planner at Target this weekend! I know I'm picky, but I didn't want to settle for the standard single colored Mead planner with a few pockets and tabs. Poketo was started by a designer couple in Los Angeles and has grown tremendously thanks to their fun and unique style. I probably found the last one in store, but it's beautiful and was definitely worth the wait!

Have you checked out any of the sites before? Found any inspiring links recently? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I also loved the ways to wear a bow piece and stopped wearing them for that exact same reason. I have a young face and look nine years old whenever I do much more than style it down (in my opinion). Really would love to experiment with it more though!


  2. We can try it out together!

  3. This planner is awesome. And just sent off your first and second links to friends. Nice finds :)

  4. Thanks Chrystina, I'm loving my planner so far!


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