Thursday, September 5, 2013

Update on Feeling (way too) Ambitious

With August having come to an end, it's about time I share the results of my short goals from last month's post. I was feeling overly ambitious and decided to come up with some extremely short term goals! I don't know what I was thinking, but I'm suspecting it could have been the running high from nights before or the sugar load from all the sprinkles in my fro-yo, one or the other. In any case, I wrote up a goal for each blogging and running:

Running: Finish running the 100 miles in 2 months challenge. Translation: Run 25 miles in 8 days and push yourself to run 3-4 miles a day in the 100 degree weather.

Blogging: Write up to 12 posts in the month of August. Translation: Plan on staying up late to finish writing some posts.
...except when they're TOO ambitious.
So all in all, these goals were a bit challenging. A little more than I expected. Running a mile or two more than usual and on little sleep, did not make for a happy or healthy Melissa. It all caught up with me and before I knew it, I was feeling running down. It sounds like common sense I know, but as I mentioned, I was feeling ambitious.

Now for the results:

Running: ...umm, yeah that didn't happen. I was close, so close! I had finally made it to 95 miles last friday. When Saturday rolled around, I felt weak and sore; and honestly way too tired to run 5 miles. After a goodnight's sleep and some breakfast, I completed the challenge Sunday morning with flying colors by hitting 100.5 miles. This goal was a real challenge, but I learned how much my body can handle.

Blogging: I did it! In case you didn't notice, I actually hit 14 posts all together. I really enjoyed writing more posts and it's definitely something I'd like to keep up with. It's not always ideal staying up late to finish a post before the next day, but planning ahead has helped. Now that I have my trusty planner, I can set aside time for specific posts and juggle my other activities.
Finding a balance between blogging and daily activities can be tough, but if there's anything I learned from these short goals, it's to listen to my body. When I'm too exhausted to write anymore and my brain turns to mush(aka midnight), I need to stop and save it for the next day. When it's 103 degrees and I can  hardly breathe, I should probably walk it off or sit down all together. I may have not completed both goals perfectly, but I worked hard and learned a lesson along the way. Tonight I'm taking a night off from both running and blogging, and heading down to First Thursday for some Austin fun!

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  1. Way to go Melissa! I think it's awesome that you both met your goals and learned to listen to your body at the same time. I'm enjoying my pregnancy but I SO look forward to setting new running/blogging goals once the baby has arrived. Have fun at 1st Thursday!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm sure you'll learn a lot through setting goals once the baby has arrived!

  3. Congrats on hitting your goals! I've been telling myself that I would do zumba for like the past two weeks and it seems like i'll never actually do it. I also set a little goal to try to blog everyday this month... which is why i really need to finish this post i'm working on instead of catching up on blogs. oops!

  4. Thanks Toyosi! Good luck with blogging everyday, you've been doing a great job so far!


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