Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday #5
View from Portugal
Do you know the feeling when your mind tunes out everything and it's just you and a book? It's peaceful, an escape, and best of all, relaxing. You can easily lose yourself in a character's situation or an author's theory on x, y and z. After spending hours in front of a screen all day, it's nice to curl up with a favorite book and relax with a cup of hot tea or glass of wine.

Over the summer, I shared a list of some books I wanted to read(update coming soon) and mentioned how excited I was to start reading for leisure again. In the past, I've stuck with mostly fiction books, but this summer I started reading some nonfiction. Turns out I can still laugh and cry just the same while reading a nonfiction book, who knew? Whether fiction or nonfiction, a book is a book and I believe you're bound to learn something new. This week's words of wisdom include some encouragement for the book you want to read but haven't quite started, and some inspiration for all you lovely bookworms!

Read any good books lately? Are you into fiction or nonfiction? Happy reading everyone!

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