Monday, October 21, 2013

Minnie Mouse Costume

Halloween Costume: Minnie Mouse
Dress || Shirt || Shoes || Gloves(anywhere) || Tights || Headband
Can you believe it's already the 21st? October is flying by, y'all. You've got less than two weeks to find a costume. I've had so much fun coming up with a costume for both Daisy and Katniss, but this week I'm going classic with Minnie Mouse! I grew up surrounded by Disney, and Minnie was always my favorite, next to Mickey of course. I know I definitely dressed up as Minnie once or twice. So here's to the Minnie Mouse fans, enjoy!

Since Minnie is known for the red polka dot dress, I chose a simple lookalike dress. It might not have sleeves, but that's what the black shirt is for! If you're going out on Halloween night, chances are it'll be chilly. The white hand gloves won't only keep you warm, they'll look just like Minnie's white hand. For the shoes, I chose some fun yellow heels that can be worn time after time. Since they have a peep toe, I chose the footless tights. The most important accessory is the headband. Sure, Minnie has a bow between her ears, but you can switch it up with this fun hair piece. Now tease your hair and add two buns for a finished look! Just make sure the buns are on top and not the sides, this isn't Princess Leia.

I love how easily these accessories can be worn again, especially this season. With the weather cooling down, these gloves and tights are essential. Are you finding any costume accessories that can be worn more than once? How're your halloween costumes coming along? Happy Monday lovelies!

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