Friday, October 11, 2013

Thrifted Story

Flats: Thrifted (Similar)
While cleaning out my closet last weekend, I started reminiscing on the stories behind some of my favorite pieces and came up with a new post/series idea. Why not share the story behind this or that? You know, the days when you least it expect it, and then walk out with an almost new pair of boots or the perfect LBD. Some of these stories are too good not to share with the world. Plus, you just can't help but brag when you spent a fraction of the original price...or is it just me?

My first thrift find story features those lovely flats. If you saw last week's outfit post, you might notice my love for leopard print is growing, but I digress. While thrifting at a local thrift shop last week, I skimmed through the shoe racks looking for some flats. After passing through the neutrals, I came upon some printed shoes. Low and behold, I found some brand new leopard print shoes. Now in case you forgot, my August Wishlist contained a similar pair of flats, however, they sold out quickly. I found a pair from Target, but never got around to actually purchasing them. Turns out these shoes were the EXACT same pair I had my eyes on, can you say fate? Still had the original tags/stickers, but half the price! It's not everyday you find an item from your wish list at a thrift store, so you can imagine my excitement.

These flats are my current favorites. Did I mention they go with everything? Don't mind me while I wear them everyday this week, but boy are they comfy. Happy Friday!

P.S. Checked off a fall bucket list item and ordered my first pumpkin spice latte! Sadly, I was let down. Smelled amazing, but it felt like I was drinking pumpkin flavored coffee. For now,  I'll stick with my favorite, a chai tea latte! 


  1. I definitely get into phrases where I wear one pair of shoes all the time...! Great idea for a post.

  2. I had those flats too and loved them so much. Now that I think about it, I think they are lost :( Crossing my fingers they are at Chris' house.

    xo erica

  3. It's hard not to wear your favorite pair!

  4. Hope you find them! They're perfect for everything!

  5. whatttt! such a great find!


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