Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thrifted Story: Mustard Skirt

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It's finally November! And while I'm anxious for Thanksgiving and the endless supply of pumpkin pie, I can't help but stress about one thing:student loans. This month marks 6 months since I've graduated college and the end of my short and sweet, grace period. It's official. The real world of budgeting is in effect. In order to curb my excessive shopping problem, I'm beginning to frequent the thrift stores more often. It definitely involves a bit more patience, but it's completely worth it in the end. Not only do you feel a small sense of accomplishment, you've got yourself a steal!

Every once in a while, my mom goes thrifting for a specific piece. I tend to accompany her so I can help her look, give advice, and look for things I never knew I needed. We recently made a trip to her favorite local thrift store in search of a fall blouse for work. The prices are great, the brands are surprising, but the racks are packed and completely unorganized. I take that back, you can find the dresses on one rack and jeans on another, but it's a free for all when you're looking for your size.

In search of a mustard skirt from my September Wishlist, I headed over to the skirts section. After skimming through the neutrals, I came upon this mustard beauty(you should know, I completely disdain mustard, food wise. #ketchupforever). It was The Limited, my size, and the perfect fall colored mustard. Right away, I pictured wearing it to work, church, or out to happy hour with friends. This skirt was a staple and it fit like a glove. The only problem, there was a 2 inch tear below the zipper seam. I'm assuming the owner gave up on repairing the tear and gave it away. Although I can't blame them, as I've done the same before. But for $5, I thought this skirt was worth the extra TLC. I brought it home, found some golden thread, and sewed up the tear in no time!

Since then, I've been pairing it with different tops and layers. I can't wait to style it on the blog, but this rainy weather hasn't been the most accommodating. And now that daylight savings has arrived, I've seriously got to step up my game. Until then, here's to hoping for less rainy days and some more fall weather!

Found any good bargains lately? Have you ever brought home a clothing piece with a hole or tear? If not, would you consider fixing it up? Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Ah! That skirt IS a beauty! Totally jealous of this awesome find! Please clone it and mail it to me.. thanks ;) Can't wait to see how you style it!
    <3 danielle

  2. oohhh this is such a good find! I'd love to add a mustard skirt to my closet.
    With Luck Blog


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