Friday, November 1, 2013

To Roar or Hula?

Top: Thrifted || Skirt: Thrifted || Flower Crown & Belt: DIY || Shoes: Thrifted
As mentioned in Monday's post, I decided to dress up as Katy Perry from "Roar" this Halloween. Not wanting to spend a fortune, I was able to thrift the tiger top and grass skirt. Since I didn't buy a leopard crop top or bustier, I pinned the front of my shirt for a similar look. Staying in line with the song, I had a "tiger" print top, only to be later corrected by my little brother that Katy was actually wearing a leopard print top, oops. For the rest of my costume, I completed some simple but time consuming DIYs. I knew how to make a flower crown, but creating the flower belt was a challenge, especially since it took twice as long! I thrifted most of the flowers, but then remembered the Dollar Tree has a wide variety too. Side note: that store has everything you need to make a flower crown! To complete the costume, I used a brown marker and drew on some arm bands. Don't they make me look extra tough?

As much fun as I had prepping the costume, no one recognized my costume. Maybe a few people, but the vast majority believed I was a "hula dancer" or "Hawaiian". I don't blame them, seeing as how I had a grass skirt with tropical flowers. Who knows, maybe I'll pull it off next year! How was your Halloween night? Did you get dressed up? Any costume ideas for next year? 
Have a wonderful weekend!

*You'll have to excuse the background, it's sort of become an unconscious tradition to take Halloween pics in the kitchen.


  1. you really rocked out the costumes this year! for some reason, grass skirts always remind me of Molly from the American Girl books, because in her book she went as a Hula Girl for Halloween. but! i think you make a totally perfect Katy Perry. that flower crown is glorious!

    xo nicole

  2. Thanks Nicole, I'm definitely holding on to this hula skirt for the future!

  3. This is such a fun idea and you look greattt!
    With Luck Blog


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