Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wannabe Longhorn

Shirt: Target || Pants: AE Jeggings (Thrifted) || Flats: Maya - Chinese Laundry || Scarf & Rings: Old Navy || Nails
I'm not a big sports fan. I mean, I love playing sports, really I do. I even played sports in high school and intramural in college. But if you're asking me to sit down and watch the Super Bowl? There better be tons of cookies, top notch commercials, an awesome half-time show and more cookies. I watched some of last year's game, mostly Beyonce, but that still counts right? And no one can forget the whole lights out incident. See how I remember the important stuff? If anything, I'm proud to say I understand the game. It took me a long time, longer than I care to admit, but now I can play any football video game with a fair chance of winning.

As a Texan, I feel like football is pretty  important. We've got University of Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech for college football. In regards to NFL, I'm pretty certain it's just the Cowboys and the Texans. I might be missing one...but let's just go with that for now. I don't know much about NFL or the teams, but I do enjoy some college football. The whole team spirit aspect, I love it. Call me corny, but I'm a sucker for a close game, a great band, and fight songs. Growing up in Austin, a Longhorn game meant two things: a ton of traffic and lots of burnt orange. Besides my t-shirts, you'd never find orange in my closet. So when I came upon this burnt orange gem, my mind was made up. Not only would this shirt work for fall, I'd be ready for any Longhorn party, tailgate, or game day(invites welcome!). Smart thinking, right?

Now I know it's the end of November and definitely getting past sweater weather, in other parts of the country, but this past weekend was hot! So in an attempt to catch up on outfit posts, beat daylight savings and squeeze in a few fall outfits, I photographed 3 outfits in one afternoon. I usually photograph whatever I'm wearing, but with daylight savings, there's no light when I get home. So now I have a running list of favorite outfits and a bunch of pictures to take! I've worn this outfit to work and it's perfect for a fall day or game day. The scarf looks great next to the burnt orange and blue denim, and even compliments the stripes on my shoes with all the colors. Speaking of shoes, these flats are perfection. I might not own a solid color pair of flats yet, but these beauties go with every color!

Now you tell me, college football or NFL? Any major Longhorn fans out there? Just googled it, Looks like the Longhorns have the weekend off. In more important news, I'm going to see Catching Fire tonight!!! Anyone attending the premiere tonight or tomorrow? Last time I talk about The Hunger Games, I promise, for now at least. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Thanks girl! The movie is so much better than the first, a MUST see!

  2. Fashion Follows HerNovember 24, 2013 at 7:37 AM

    Great scarf... I'm all about a good scarf!


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