Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Smiles

Zilker Christmas Tree
So I thought I was feeling better, but my cough only got worse. I know it's probably not the smartest idea, but I took a bunch of different medicines in the past 48 hours and luckily I'm feeling much better. I'm still drinking the green tea, OJ, and lots of water, but I think the meds definitely helped. It's crazy how fast the week flies, right? Even though I've been under the weather, I've been keeping busy! Gotta stay in the holiday spirit, am I right? Tomorrow is Friday and then next week is Christmas!!! I'm all smiles right now and here's why in no particular order:
  • We finally bought a Christmas tree! Since there are hardly any left this time of year, it's our very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's a little short, but still fat, green, and smells amazing ;)
  • The weather is amazing this week! The 60s are perfect and the sun is finally out for more than a couple days. Fingers crossed it'll stay a little longer!
  • Got some cool gifts from a White Elephant gift exchange. Have you ever heard of bacon flavored toothpaste? I'm too scared to try it, but I know what my brother's getting for Christmas...
  • Finally went to the Trail of Lights! I know it's the same every year, but it's a special tradition and I can never get over all the pretty lights. Plus, the kettle corn is always a delicious treat!
  • My sister is home for the Christmas break! I think a nail polish party is in order.
  • Finally caught up on HIMYM. Love this show, but the writing has been a little off this season, or is it just me? This last episode definitely turned things around!
  • Received some pretty flowers! Always a nice surprise, don't you think?
  • Found out putting honey in your tea makes a huge difference. I know, I know, but now I can say coughing be gone!
  • Came home to my new boots on the doorstep! It's time for some outfit planning. Can't wait to wear them in a future outfit post!
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas is on ABC tonight! This is one of my favorite holiday classics. The music is wonderful and Snoopy is the coolest pup around.
Are you ready for Christmas next week? What are some of your favorite Holiday classics? Let me know some of your weekly highlights! Happy Thursday, y'all!

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