Monday, December 16, 2013

December Wishlist

This weekend's been a bit unusual with everyone getting sick at home. Turns out my brother has the flu(never happened to any of us before!), and possibly my madre too. The rest of us have been fighting off the illness with lots of vitamin c, tea, soup, etc. Coincidentally, I got a flu shot last week. Haven't taken the shot before, but I'm hoping it kicks in quickly! On a more positive note, I attended my first Holiday work party! It was so fun getting dressed up and spending time with friends, new and old. With another holiday party for tonight, I'd say this Christmas countdown is off to a good start, no?

I don't know about y'all, but I love all the glitz and glam of holiday fashion. The sequins, diamonds, and rich colors are perfect during Christmas and New Years. This month's wish list includes a few pieces worn for any occasion, and as always, a few extras. Happy Monday, lovelies!

Earrings: Ever since this season's fashion week, I've had my eyes glued to every jewelry section in search of the perfect statement earrings. While I admire all the shapes and colors, I wanted something versatile and light on the ears. Not only do these fit the budget, the colors are simple enough to complete any outfit!

Shirt: When it comes to my closet, glitter isn't exactly my thing. Sure, it looks great in magazines and stores, but it always seemed a bit much for me. After viewing all the pretty NYE dresses online, I'm convinced I now need a sparkly top. How cute is this top from Target? I'd wear it everywhere!

Eye Liner: I've got some big eyes, so when someone does my makeup with eyeliner, I'm usually weirded out by the look of it. In hopes of creating a less dramatic look with a thinner line, this liquid liner might be the way to go. Plus, I've always wanted to try the cat eye!

Boots: Remember when I shared these boots a couple weeks back? Later that weekend, I found these beauties. Again they were less than $100, real leather, and offered free shipping! And did I mention I received a 20% off discount? Hello savings. Needless to say, I'm patiently awaiting their arrival.

Sleep Mask: You'll see me write this again and again, but Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorites. And again and again, this sleep mask has been on my Christmas list! Honestly, I'd be afraid of ruining the precious details; but isn't it lovely? As if a sleep mask replica isn't enough, check out this Etsy item for a future photo booth session!

Pants: Organizing my closet has taken a while, but in the end, I realized I have too many blue jeans. Faded, original, dark, etc. After last year's colored skinnies trend, I wanted my own pair of green pants. I have yet to find a pair this color and my size, but these are perfect. I have so many outfit ideas for them already!

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