Thursday, January 23, 2014

Surviving A Snowstorm

Pamper yourself for the day!
I know this is Texas, but according to Weather Channel, there's a 30% chance of snow tomorrow morning here in Austin. Probably sleet and ice, but a wintry mix nonetheless. What does this mean? No school! Why? Because us Texans can't handle driving in this weather. Now what does this mean for me? Sadly nothing, as I am no longer a college student. Want to know what's worse? I still receive texts from my alma mater, alerting me it's a "SNOW DAY" in PA while I'm at work in TX. In fact, Villanova has had the past two days off. Oh, how I miss the days of snowball fights, junk food, and movie marathons. That was the life!

While the Texas wintry mix hardly compares to the snowstorms up North, I've come up with a fun list on how to survive a snowstorm North or South...assuming you still have electricity. Whether you're alone or with roomies, follow these tips for a fun filled snow day!

1. Here's the perfect chance! Maybe you keep forgetting to take off your chipped nail polish or maybe you're tired of naked nails. Whatever it may be, take advantage of the extra time and give some TLC to those pretty nails!

2. Nothing's better than a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Boil some water or milk, add the cocoa mix and fill your mug with marshmallows! Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

3. You've probably pinned a couple DIY face masks at one point or another. Again, it's the perfect chance! This type of weather isn't always good on the skin. Start searching your pantry and refrigerator for those easy ingredients to make your very own face mask!

4. I love snuggling up under the covers when it's freezing outside! While I'm not usually one for naps, a snow day is the perfect excuse to catch up on those zzz's.

5. We all have our guilty pleasures, but how often do you have the chance to watch them nonstop? Do it! Feel free to paint your nails while watching reruns of Gossip Girl, bonus points for multitasking!

6. I don't know about you, but my reading list keeps growing. Might as well enjoy some leisure reading while you can! Pick a shorter book and try finishing it by the end of the day. One down, a bunch more to go!

7. So what if you're not 10 anymore, forts are still cool. Make your own or build a big one with your roomies. Stack those chairs and grab all the blankets for your super cool fort.

8. You might have been putting it off or waiting until the next time you do laundry, but why not now? Go ahead and play dress up while you're at it. New outfit ideas, anyone?

9. It's no surprise, but most online stores have sales when the weather gets a little crazy. They know we're bored, can't leave the house and hanging out online, so why not give us another reason to order those boots we've been eyeing? It's hard to say no when they offer free shipping!

10. If it's a blizzard out there, don't bother. If it's bearable, go for it! I loved playing outside in the snow, as long as I could still feel my toes. Just don't stay out too long!

I know it's a lot to do for one day, but who knows, maybe you'll get an extra snow day? How do you make the most of your snow/ice days? What are some of your favorite memories as a kid on those lucky days off school? Stay warm lovelies!


  1. Isn't it so funny how we get a sprinkle of snow and the whole town shuts down! Ha ha. Austin is so not prepared for ice storms. Cute bloggy!

  2. A DIY face mask sounds pretty good right about now!

  3. Thanks! It's so crazy, but always makes for a nice day off haha


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