Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Wishlist

I know Valentine's Day is just a day away, but I'm still completely focused on my new job. Getting to decorate my own space and dress up everyday has been a joy so far. I've been feeling a bit more creative and can't wait to share new posts! Just need to work on the whole "time" thing, but I digress. With all the excitement of my new position, this month's wishlist just turned Working Girl edition.

Hat: For starters, I've never been much of a hat person. I always thought my head was shaped funny, thus I strayed from all headwear. After pinning several fall and winter outfits, I started to notice all the floppy colored hats. After trying on a bunch of hats the past couple weeks, I finally found the one! It's red, fits well, and best of all, saves me from a bad hair day!

Print: Decorating my desk space has been delightful, but I think it'd look even better with a pretty print like this one. I'm pretty much obsessed with all of Jessica's prints, like this and this, but this one is a real confidence booster for the workplace. I'd love to have a copy for some daily inspiration!

Mug: Drinking hot tea has officially become part of my morning routine, but drinking from a black mug can be a little dull. Until I make some more DIY mugs, I've been searching for mugs with a little more flare. This is the perfect mug to brighten up my (mon)day and keep me in a cheery mood!

Heels: To this day, I've never owned a nude pair of shoes. I alway managed with the neutral colors, black, brown, leopard print, etc. After purchasing my taupe booties this fall, I've realized the options that come with lighter colored shoes. Not only do they match everything, they work year round too! These nude heels would go lovely for work or a casual day in jeans.

Nail Polish: As a nail polish addict, I'm constantly in search of the newest shade in pink. Have you seen Essie's Spring collection yet? The "resort fling" is perfect for spring and summer with the coral color. Just imagine how cute your toes would look in this shade and in the sand!

Desk Lamp: To be completely honest, I actually purchased this lamp at the end of last month. It's soooo pretty when it's all lit up, but very limited in lighting. It became more of a movie/tv lamp than a reading lamp, and so it sat on the corner of my shelf. To add some decor to my desk space, I brought the lamp to work! I still don't use the light, but the purple color adds the perfect touch.

What's on your wish list this month? Find any Valentine's day colored items you need to have? Have you planned your V-day outfit yet or are you winging it? Happy Thursday, lovelies!

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  1. That mug is so cute! I've never really spent any money on mugs, in big part because Andy has a huge mug collection so I never had space or need for more, but I've definitely been itching to get some new, cute ones for myself. I do use them every day, after all. Also, I had a pair of nude heels and wore them a lot and then the heel broke and I haven't replaced them yet. Need to make that happen!



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