Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Return of the Mustard Skirt

Blouse & Skirt: Thrifted (Banana Republic) & (The Limited) || Booties & Tights: Old Navy || Watch: Lulu's 
Oh goodness. It feels like weeks since I've written. If you recall, I recently started a new job with a different schedule. I work a little later and a little farther from home than my previous job, which means one thing: traffic. Add in my 10K training and dinner, and I'm in for a long night ahead. While I missed writing, I chose sleep first. Sticking with my new year's resolution, right? It's going to be an interesting adjustment, but like I said before, I'm seriously counting down the days till March 9.

On a more positive note, my job is great! I even have to get to dress up! Wearing professional clothing was required as uniform during my high school days, but now I've got a couple more options. Goodbye black, brown, and navy; hello colors! One of my favorite work essentials has been my mustard skirt. Do you remember the thrifted story? I know it's been a couple months, but as promised, I finally got around to snapping some photos in this gem*. I styled it neatly with a printed blouse, colored tights, and my ankle booties. I'm all about the greens and mustard color combo. So far I've been pleasantly surprised with how well this skirt matches almost everything in my closet. What's even better is the skirt works year round! Who knew one skirt could turn my closet around?

Do you have any mustard pieces in your closet? What's your favorite work essential? Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! Be sure to look out for a special Valentine's day post this week ;)

*Finally used my new camera, however, I still don't have a tripod. Please excuse the awkward angles!


  1. I have a similar mustard skirt that I love pairing with pink (it sounds strange, but it somehow works). The overall look is perfect and stylish for an office setting.


  2. obsessed with this skirt, and i love how you styled it! i wouldn't have thought to wear a pencil skirt with booties, yet this is such a perfect look. very "i work in an office in the 70s."

    xo nicole

  3. I love the color palette! I don't own much mustard, but I'm definitely drawn to it!


  4. Sounds so cute! I'll have to try that color combo soon.

  5. Thanks! The booties are my answer to everything!

  6. Thanks! You should try out a mustard scarf, they're fun and a nice pop of color too!


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