Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Wishlist

April Wishlist
Lipstick || Sunglasses || Bracelet || Sandals || KIND Bar || Face Mask
I know talking about the weather gets old, but yesterday was nuts. It started out cloudy and muggy, thundered and poured, dropped 10 degrees, rain stopped, sun came out and then the wind went crazy for the rest of the evening. I know April is usually all about the rain, but it's not supposed to be cold too! Luckily, it's sunny and a tad bit warmer [Update: It's freezing COLD!] today! With my birthday at the end of the month, I'm hoping the rain will go away for good, that way I can wear whatever I want - including some of the items on my wishlist ;)

Forever 21 Lipstick: Thanks to Refinery 29's post, I took a chance and bought myself one of these pretty lip colors. I'm still not a makeup whiz by any means, but Forever 21 did well in my opinion. Not only was it moisturizing, it stayed on for a long time. Now why is it on my wishlist? Because I want more! could use a couple more colors… And what's a better way to test out new colors than a cheap steal from F21?

Sunnies: I know they look similar to last month's shades, but they're not, I promise. I think I like these just a tad more than the last pair anyway. Thick rims get me every time. The subtle cat eye is also a plus. I may or may not have just added these to my online shopping cart.

Bracelet: How cool is this bracelet? I may have jumped on the band wagon a little late, but who cares? The fact that you can switch out the letters whenever you want makes me that much fonder. How does Dreamer<3 sound, or what about @TBD? Soooo many choices. This would make such a great gift ;)

Sandals: After returning my combat boots, I sought after these pretty sandals, only to find out they were out of my size. Thanks to DSW's amazing customer service, they'll be arriving at my humble abode any moment now. Can't wait to wear these with my newest romper!

Kind Bars: You're probably thinking I should head to my nearest grocery store and pick them up right? Well, I did and there's none. They're "too new" I suppose. At the moment, they're only available on KIND's online store, in case you're wondering what to get me for my birthday ;)

Bioré Mask: I'm all about pampering and DIY masks, but when Bioré created this 1 minute heating mask - my heart skipped a beat. Sounds too good to be true, but who isn't down for a quick face mask? Sold out last time I checked, but you can bet I'm bringing this home the next time it's available!

What's on your April Wishlist? Anyone tried the F21 lipsticks? What about the affirmation bracelets - create your own hashtag yet? Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Haha, my 90s kid self would love that bracelet, and it's actually looking really appealing to me right now. I've never tried any F21 beauty products, so I'll have to look at those lipsticks next time I'm in the store!


  2. Kind bars remind me of Texas Style Council....I always end up chowing on them bc they are the only food around! It's a good thing that they are so tasty. :)

  3. It's funny how our style comes full circle! I've been wearing my F21 lipstick way more than I imagined. Easy to apply and stays on forever!

  4. I definitely relied on those for lunch during the conference, haha!


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