Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dressing Up for Yoga

Yoga Outfit
1. Top & Bottom || 2. TopBottom & headband || 3. Top & Bottom || Water bottle || Yoga Mat
Today's the day, I'm attending my very first yoga class! I'm so excited to learn new poses and stretches. I'll admit I'm nervous, considering I can barely touch my toes, but it's a beginner's class right? To take my mind off the nervousness, I started window shopping for yoga gear online. When it comes to running, I stick with shorts and whatever t-shirt is clean. Compared to runners, I always thought yogi's were the style icons of activewear. Turns out they're not much different. Still, I might need to add a couple of these items to my shopping cart!

Which outfit is your favorite? Any yoga fans out there? What are your favorite pieces for class? Luckily I have my own yoga mat. I just really want one of those bands to carry it! Aren't they the cutest? Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

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