Friday, May 23, 2014

10 little things

It's the little things that count the most and this week was extra special, so why not make note of them?

1. Finished a book
2. Heart to heart with my Sister
3. Laughs with friends over burgers 
4. Ran my fastest one mile of the year
5. Countless kisses from my pup
6. My Job
7. Planning my first staycation
8. Fresh blueberries in my oatmeal
9. Signed up for 3 more months of YOGA
10. Wearing the booties of my dreams today

Just realized this is my second list of the week. Remember how much I loveeee writing lists? If only I could start a list with blog post ideas - seriously in need of some inspiration. Any ideas out there? Maybe the weekend will help me out, it's 3 days after all. Happy Friday, lovelies.

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