Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June Wishlist

Happy hump day lovelies! Just like this week, I can’t believe how quickly June has flown by. Lots of new changes, but change is always good, right? Especially when that includes new phones!! That’s right, this girl is finally the proud owner of an iPhone 5C. After years of wanting to keep my music and phone separate, I gave in. I’ll admit the color choices played an influence in my decision, but I do believe in Pink. Now I just need a case, which brings me to this month’s wishlist!

Sneakers: In my crazy collection of shoes, I still don’t own a pair of closed toed casual shoes. I had a pair of Toms, but it’s definitely time for something new. Taylor Swift designed these and they’re yellow, enough said.

White Shirt: If you read Kendi’s blog, you may have seen her latest “Having a moment post” on the perks of owning a white button down. I love the way they look, but I’ve never realized how versatile they really are. She may have just convinced me to add this essential to my closet!

iPhone Case: I saw someone with this case weeks ago and decided I had to have it(even before I had an iPhone). Surprisingly enough, I was able to find this floral case in my first Google search. And marked down more than 75%! It’s currently in my shopping cart Just bought it. #ftw

Nail Polish: You can never have too many nail polish choices. This color just says SUMMER.

Shades: My perfect cat-eye sunglasses broke. I can’t even explain how difficult it is to find a pair that cover my eyebrows and these were just right. Instead of lamenting, I decided to give these a try. Only a subtle cat-eye, but I love the classic shape!

Triangle Ring: I’ve been eyeing these shaped rings for a couple months now and I couldn’t pass up the price. It’s just how I like my jewelry, dainty and simple.

What’s on your wishlist this month? Anyone else want a white shirt after reading Kendi’s post? Tell me I’m not the only one. The options are endless! And those Keds! Where do y’all get your sneakers? Do you choose by color or print? Have a fabulous rest of your week!


  1. Love that phone case! I recently got an iphone as well, but I'm trying to not go overboard with cases. There's just so many cute ones!

  2. that iphone case. those keds. *hearts as eyes*


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