Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Emergency Outfit

We've all been there, each and everyone of us. You're out of the house and get a message to (insert fun activity) with friends (insert short amount of time), except you're not dressed for the occasion. Personally, I've found myself in too many of these situations and end up skipping out or trying really hard to convince myself "I'm not overdressed." I know going home is always an option, but it's soooo far and just takes even longer - no fun.
I've decided the only way to end this madness is to carry the perfect emergency outfit at all times - preferably in the car, who wants to carry extra bags? Not me. I use "perfect" lightly in that it's the most basic outfit of all time, but still comfortable and cute. My go to pieces are strappy sandals, a striped tee and a standard pair of jeans/shorts - not my absolute favorite, but a simple pair that work for most occasions. Accessories aren't a must, but if you're like me, you keep an extra pair of shades in the car! And who doesn't carry around chapstick or your favorite lip color? Just think about it, you'll be ready in no time!

What are your go to pieces? Do you carry an emergency outfit in your car? Who has multiple outfits for different occasions? Can't believe it's taken me this long to do it, but trust me, it's completely worth it. Happy Tuesday, fellow dreamers!

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