Friday, August 15, 2014

August Wishlist

Happy Friday, lovelies. Who's ready for the weekend? This girl. Surprisingly, this week has been the busiest work week all year - yet this is my third post this week. Funny how that happens, right? Not gonna knock it though, I'm loving this writing kick!

Anyways, let's get to the good stuff. This month's wish list is all about shoes and accessories. I'd include clothing, but August is weird.  It's still too hot for fall clothes and there's no use in buying any new summer clothes. Alas, it's the perfect excuse to add to my shoe and accessories collection!

Black Flats*: Remember last October? Either do I.  All I know is I've been searching for the perfect ankle flats since then. After months and months of not settling, I've found the perfect shoes! They're suede, d'orsay styled, ankle strap, and have the cutest cutouts along the front. Perfection.

Earrings: I love my fake pearls and studs, but it's always nice having a good pair of pink earrings.  I already wear them with everything.

Bracelet: My bracelet collection is quite limited. Limited to two actually. Sad I know, especially for someone who wants to wear a bunch at once. Luckily, I received this Kendra Scott statement bracelet in a swag bag. It might be just one, but it's one more than I had before!  Isn't it lovely?

Watch: I'm always that girl, the one always asking "what time is it?" Again, I'm currently limited to two, so I'm looking for a new one.  Might just jump on the pineapple trend bandwagon and order myself this beauty!

Rust Flats: One season word, fall.

Running Shoes: If you're following me on instagram, you may have caught a glimpse of my newest babies. After 12 months and a few hundred miles later, I decided to retire my old shoes. Taking it seriously this time, I went to the running store to get fitted. Once the shoe fit, I got the name and went online to order last season's version of the shoe. Turns out last year's shoe had a better color selection - just look at those colors.

I know, soooo many shoes. What's on your wish list this month? Do you stock up on fall clothes or take it easy during the awkward month?  Cheers to a fun filled weekend!

P.S. This Sunday is National Thriftstore Day - make sure to thrift to your heart's content ;)

*The flats I purchased were not available online, but this picture is similar. Also, I bought mine from F21.

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