Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lean In

Now that Pretty Little Liars is on hiatus, I have nothing to watch.  I took a look at my reading list and realized a common theme - women in the workplace/feminism and then the usual young adult fiction love story.  Honestly, I had planned on writing another "Before the Screen" post, because seriously - so many awesome book/movies are coming out this fall, but then I started reading "Lean In".

I'm only a couple pages in, but so far it's awesome.  As a recent grad and young woman trying to find myself in the real world, this book has lots of advice.  What I admire most, is Sheryl's style of writing.  She's not pretending to be miss perfect, it's genuine and honest.  Her title might be CEO, but I'm sure she worked hard for it.  This is all I know so far, so I'll leave you with this and get back to reading.  All you ladies and recent grads should check it out too!  Anyone read it before?  What are your thoughts?  Happy Thursday, fellow dreamers!

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  1. This book has been on my shelf for so long. I really need to actually start reading it...


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