Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End of Summer

Austin Sunset :)
Guess who's feeling inspired...this girl! I recently shared the big news of my promotion, but shortly after I was working longer days. To avoid the stress, I started running a little more often. The weather is perfect, I work close enough to the beautiful Austin trails, and it's always nice to change up the scenery. And while most of my friends would never believe it, I've actually been waking up early to run. Running highs are great at any time of day, but I have to admit, it feels just a tad bit better when you've completed your workout before 9 am.

With daylight savings upon us, I'm hoping to turn this running experiment into a seasonal goal.  Speaking of seasonal goals, I've decided to start a new list for fall. I know it's a couple days past the fall equinox, but this is Texas and it's 90 degrees outside. In the mean time, I've decided to wrap up my attempt of a summer goals list.

100 Miles Challenge: Nope. Considering I ran a total of 11 miles in July, the goal was doomed. After spending a pretty penny on a summer yoga pass, I wanted to get my money's worth. I don't regret it one bit, but trying to get back in running shape isn't easy. If you count the miles I ran from June till now, I definitely reached my goal. Let's go with that, shall we?

Share a Summer Snack recipe on the blog: Done! I shared my banana blueberry ice-cream recipe last month and I may have whipped it up 3 or 5 times since. Did I mention I'm forgetful with bananas? Oh well, more ripe banana means more ice-cream for me!

Stick to my brand new budget: Can't say I've followed my budget to a tee, but I will say it's helped a ton.  Reviewing your spending habits every once in a while helps you rethink your next purchase.  For example, when you accidentally eat out for lunch everyday of the week, you realize it might be better to bring lunch for the whole next week. #guilty

Spend more time outside: This goal was half and half. I didn't swim as much as I normally do, but I definitely spent a good amount of time in the sunshine. That's what summer is all about, am I right?

Get a facial: Wahhh. Totally forgot about this goal. I did however, create a home ingredients face mask. It might not have the same benefits, but DIY's are fun and I can always get a facial next time.  Let the Groupon hunt begin...

Hold a Rabbit: So this might not have been in my original goals list, but let's be honest - it's always my goal. Hanging out at the petting zoo in the hot weather was completely worth it. Rabbits are cute and cuddly and I want one sooooo badly.

Sad to see summer ending, but I'm so excited for the cooler weather. Fall makes seasonal goals that much more fun, especially when the food, fashion, and weather is a hundred times nicer. Should I ever get back to sharing my style adventures, you'll be the first to see.  I may or may not have bought some new fall pieces, so here's to new outfit inspiration. Happy Tuesday fellow dreamers!

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  1. Haha. I love that hold a rabbit is on the list. That one's my favorite. I'm also proud of you for doing the budgeting thing - even if it didn't always work. I should probably spend time thinking about creating a budget. I started moving some money straight to savings instead of through my checking account and into savings, so now I definitely feel like I have less money at the end of the day.


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