Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Wishlist

Dress || Print || Planner || Booties || Tea || Mug
Happy Music Tuesday!  Tuesdays are great, y'all. Still early in the week, but not exactly Monday, and a ton of new songs/albums are released! Nothing may have caught my eye this week, but in just 5 weeks and 6 days, 1989 is officially out! Yes, just 40 days until TSwift's new album is all mine. As much as I wish it was already October 27, this month's wishlist is full of pretty little things to keep me occupied until then.

Dress: A little fall dress never hurt nobody, especially a smock dress. I just want to spin and twirl every time I try one on. And those colors? Hello colorful tights!

Print: This one's for all you Office fans. Pam's final lines(1:16) of the series are just beautiful. I NEED this in my new soon to be office space.

Planner: You guys, I think I found The One. I've searched high and low, but I can't resist these colors. Also, I love being in control of every detail. A little steep, I know, but this deserves to be a splurge, am I right?

Booties: Black booties, check. Faux suede and leather, yes please.

Tea: I love a good green tea, but Birchbox hit the spot with this little treat. Ordering these ASAP.

Mug: Another treat for my desk? I think yes. I've been obsessing over this mug since the day The Everygirl shop opened, I think it's time I start a mug collection.

I know Fall isn't quite here(in Austin), but there's just something about switching my color palette that makes me excited for the cooler weather. Any of you feel the same way? I'm a sucker for suede, wine and mustard colors, or a bold red hat. What's on your wish list, lovelies?

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  1. So ready for fall time in austin! That planner is super cute, girl! Totally worth the money.


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